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Cable TV Companies Are Easy to Find, Thanks to New Website CableCompaniesInMyArea.net


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- CableCompaniesInMyArea.net, a website that helps people find local cable TV companies, has just launched its brand new and easy-to-navigate site. The website is perfect for anybody who has just moved to a new town and has thought, “I wonder who the cable providers in my area are?”

As anybody who has ever signed up for cable TV service knows quite well, it can be a confusing and time-consuming process involving a lot of research about the different local companies. Thanks to the new CableCompaniesInMyArea.net website, people can find in-depth and helpful information about the various companies that are available. In addition, the site provides side-by-side comparisons of fiber optic TV, satellite and cable TV; this can help customers decide which type of service will be best for them.

The home page of the new website features information about four of the top cable TV providers, including Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications. People who are interested in learning more about each of the companies can click on the “Find Deals” tab; this will bring them to a page filled with helpful information about the specific company as well as any current specials.

For example, the page about Time Warner Cable said the company provides digital communications with budget-friendly package deals that include a wide selection of programming choices, download speeds, and flat rate calling plans.

“Not only does Time Warner Cable have a great reputation in the cable television industry, they are also a growing force in the digital phone and broadband Internet access industries,” the article noted.

CableCompaniesInMyArea.net also features interesting and newsworthy posts about the cable industry; recent articles discuss how Google Fiber is providing better internet to non-customers and how the future of cable advertising may very well involve the ability to recognize the viewer’s face or voice.

Anyone who would like to learn more about CableCompaniesInMyArea.net is welcome to visit the new and user-friendly website at any time; there, they can browse through the helpful information about each of the local cable companies. Those who wish to sign up for service may do so by calling the toll-free number listed at the top of the home page.

About CableCompaniesInMyArea.net
CableCompaniesInMyArea.net is a new website that helps customers to find the right cable companies in their area. The site is easy to use and provides people with in-depth and helpful information about a wide variety of companies. For more information, please visit http://cablecompaniesinmyarea.net