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Cable Wakeboarding Is on the Rise as One of the Most Popular Water Sports


Ljubljana, Slovenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Cable Wakeboarding is also known as cable skiing. In the traditional wakeboarding the skiers are pulled by a boat. But in cable wakeboarding the skiers are pulled by electrically driven cable. This sport is becoming extremely popular and there are over 400 cable parks in different countries. Cable wakeboard was also short listed along with seven other sporting events for Olympics 2020. This game is gaining momentum because it offers the same excitement and is also environment friendly. The cable is not only quite but also clean as well as energy efficient. The cable can also hold onto enormous capacity. It is the cables that play an important role in the game. The overhead cable ski system is a very intelligently designed system and it is definitely one of the coolest additions in water sporting events.

At, wakeboard enthusiasts can find all the information about various events being held across the world, tips and tricks to master the game and many more. This game is ideal for those who cannot access a boat or have limited access. Cable skiing is less expensive when compared to boat wakeboarding. Riders can ride many sets in a given day than they can ever do with a boat. The best thing is that the same tricks can be performed here in cable skiing as well. Riders can avoid a lot of costs as well such as hiring a boat, no maintenance of boats, no gasoline, no cleanups and no setups.

Cable wakeboard is less risky and comfortable on the body. It is quite a nice concept which offers the same excitement and madness. The rope angles are higher in cable wakeboard and hence riders get more lift and more hang time. Cables offer better movement and flexibility. Riders would find it less stiff but more forgiving. Learning new tricks is easier in this game and beginners get a chance to learn it faster. Cable wakeboarding allows 6-12 people to ride the cable at the same time. People can scatter in the water quickly in cable wakeboard when compared to boat wakeboard.

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Cable wake, is a site that offers exclusive information on the sport, various wakeboarding events, riders and many more. The site also offers exclusive training video to help wakeboard enthusiasts learn some tips and tricks of the sport.

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