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Cach Lam Trang Da Launches to Offer Natural Skin Whitening Techniques to Vietnamese People

Cach Lam Trang Da is a new online resource center offering the best advice on natural skin whitening techniques, a popular beauty solution throughout Vietnam, without resorting to creams.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2015 -- For countries with a feudal tradition, pale skin has always been one of the big markers of female beauty. This stems from the agricultural tradition of working outdoors – the paler the skin, the less time spent working and the more rich and affluent the family could be to allow their daughters to lounge in the shade. This tradition is still strong in many countries, including Vietnam, and Cach Lam Trang Da is trying to combat the increasing commercialization of this tradition by offering information on natural remedies.

The website explains that many of the products commercially marketed to lighten skin tone have aggressive chemical compounds in them that can dry out and damage skin, simply changing the nature of the problem. Cach Lam Trang Da explains that by keeping the skin well moisturized and using traditional methods, individuals can get even better results.

Cach Lam Trang Da recommends using lemon on the skin as a lightening aid, while using potato is recommended for the face thanks to its high levels of vitamin C, together with cucumbers. Aloe Vera, honey, and Turmeric are also recommended.

A spokesperson for Cach Lam Trang Da explained, "Cach Lam Trang Da is committed to helping people find natural ways to lighten their skin tone while still taking care of their bodies and not exposing themselves to the many additives, artificial chemicals and harmful bleaches used in commercial products. The traditional remedies we set out have been used successfully for this purpose for centuries, but have been buried under a sea of aggressive marketing strategies. We're helping people recover those methods so they can get the look they want cheaply, affordably and easily using things they can find in their own cupboards."

About Cach Lam Trang Da
Cach Lam Trang Da is an online resource center that helps people find out more about natural and traditional methods for skin tone lightening without the need for aggressive creams that can damage the skin. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers, creating visual guides to processes that can make a real difference to skin tone.

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