CacheFly Plans to Extend Its 30-Day Risk Free Trial Offer on All Standard Accounts


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- CacheFly announced earlier today that the company plans to extend its 30-day risk free trial on standard accounts for new sign ups. The company is the leader in content delivery networks and wanted to give more people a chance to see what they've been missing by offering the free trial.

Colin Pitts, media contact, was asked how a CDN differed from traditional web hosting. "Our goal has always been to enhance the user experience when they go to websites. Today, more webmasters have videos and other static objects that when hosted by traditional methods result in big time delays in loading for visitors. As a content delivery network, we have several copies of videos, audio, and software files on different servers that are housed in various data centers. When a visitor heads to a company's website, our BestHop traffic management system calculates the fastest route to the end user, reducing latency and resulting in performance up to 10x faster than traditional hosting solutions."

Asked about the extension of the 30-day free trial offer, Pitts said, "We had a huge sign up when we initially implemented the free trial offer, and it was a huge success. We had planned to end it but we kept having more people sign up for trial accounts and figured we needed to extend it for a bit longer. We want to give prospective customers the opportunity to see how quickly they can set their account up and then check their website(s) to watch the truly amazing speed. Software downloads and online video are delivered to end users at blazing speeds. Most of our free trial sign ups turn into regular accounts at the end of the 30 days since seeing is believing and the difference astonishes people."

"We were asked frequently when we first implemented the 30-day risk free trial what our strategy was. It was sort of funny because we had no real 'strategy' other than to allow people to see the we're the best stream video with a CDN in the market, and that we stand behind our product. We figured that one month was more than enough time to know if the CDN is going to help your business - I know it doesn't sound like an exciting strategy, but that's it", said Pitts, laughing.

Asked where CacheFly will be five years from now, Pitts said, "We're going to continue to grow as a company along with out customers. Every year we're adding new POP's (points of presence) to our already large global network. With each new POP location we add, we increase the efficiency and availability of our hosted content. We have been on the Internet since 2002 and we still have customers that were with us way back then - we know our business well but we change with technology and always stay ahead."

About CacheFly
CacheFly BestHop content delivery network offers various standard plans as well as custom plans to suit businesses needs. CacheFly's network is home to over 2000 clients based in over 80 countries around the globe, ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to single person operations. The CacheFly CDN also provides users with an abundance of unique features and options, including its benchmark 100% service level agreement, real-time traffic reporting, and instantaneous setup. CacheFly leverages its extensive research in technology and infrastructure to deliver fully scalable content delivery at a cost effective price point.