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Cadaver Island: Engrossing New Fantasy/Horror Trilogy Throws Readers Into Post-Apocalyptic Era Where Legendary Creatures Thrive

Conceived and written by Kevin Rodgers, ‘Cadaver Island’ marks the first installment of a stunning new trilogy of the same name. In a strange yet vivid post-apocalyptic world where magic, nightmares and mystery collide – can the protagonist keep her new semi-android body at full power before she meets an early grave? The answer…..well, it’s not quite that simple….


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- While nobody can argue with fantasy fiction’s obvious and seemingly unstoppable boom in popularity, many critics demand new concepts and narratives that refrain from recycling the ‘same old’ traditions. Thankfully, author Kevin Rodgers answers this calling with gusto; announcing the launch of ‘The Cadaver Island Trilogy’.

Unlikeliness is key to Rodgers’ creative and compelling narratives, introducing readers to a strange post-apocalyptic world where every norm and convention is turned on its head. The world is now a place where legendary creatures rule, mystery is the culture of living and magic could strike at any moment.

Synopsis of Volume One, ‘Cadaver Island’:

In the year 2212, long after the world has been reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Angelique Bosc recovers from a terrible accident, which left her injured and near death. Her friend and physician, Dr. Laurent Stine, used his skills as a robotics engineer to replaced her damaged body parts with the stolen components of an android. Angelique realizes that her mechanical heart will require a new power source within 48 hours.

However, a loathed and exiled warlock, Sir Xavier Thames, steals all of the power sources and transports them to his fortress, Thames Keep, in order to build a time machine. Angelique, Dr. Stine, and their allies are forced to embark on a long, perilous journey to Thames Keep, which is located on Cadaver Island. Can they reach Thames Keep and obtain a power source before time elapses and Angelique succumbs to cardiac arrest?

“The world readers will enter is certainly unlike anything they would have experienced before,” says Rodgers. “It’s a fractured and barren place; ruined and only a shadow of the Earth readers know. If they like mythical creatures and quests where no twist is impossible, they’ll want to join Angelique!”

“The second installment,” continues Rodgers, “‘The Mask of Beelzebub’ is also available now. I won’t spoil the plot until readers have completed volume one. All I will say is that our characters are not quite out of trouble, yet…”

Since its release, ‘Cadaver Island’ has garnered many rave reviews.

“In writing CADAVER ISLAND, Kevin Rodgers has created a strange, post-apocalyptic landscape that could have easily come from a mixing of the imaginations of L. Frank Baum and H.R. Geiger. This novel takes us on a journey with interesting characters through a dark fantasy world full of bizarre creatures and unexpected dangers. The book contains elements of several genres, including horror, fantasy, and science fiction. The story is told in a style that reminds me of Stephen King, but is also colored by a Lovecraftian influence.” says Aaron Smith, author of ‘Nobody Dies for Free’ and ‘Chicago Fell First.’

Todd Card, author of Hell Cometh, says, Kevin Rodgers has truly put forth an outstanding first effort with this tale that is not only thrilling for its expertly crafted structure and superlative literary bravado, but also for the sumptuous and tantalizing first taste of what is sure to be a fantastic saga when those who enjoy Mr. Rodgers work finally reach the last page of his final release. Cadaver Island took me back to those days, long ago, when I would read fantasy, science fiction, and horror... astounded by the vivid imaginations of those who told such stories and mesmerized me with the ignition of my own imagination as I discovered a literary universe of immense possibilities. Kevin Rodgers gave me the gift of youth with this book, in the way that it took me back in time... to those days when I would gasp as my young mind expanded with the magic of fiction and I am truly grateful to him for that.

‘Cadaver Island’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1nqTDQH. ‘The Mask of Beelzebub’ is also available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1paNUDl.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://kevin-rodgers.squarespace.com.

About Kevin Rodgers
Kevin Rodgers was born on January 17, 1972 in Huntsville, Alabama. At the age of six, he wrote a series of unpublished stories after his mother allowed him to use her typewriter. His family moved to Greensboro, North Carolina in 1984, where he penned longer tales for his parents and sister to enjoy. His family relocated to Orlando, FL in 1986, which is where he still lives. He graduated from Winter Park High School in Winter Park, FL in 1990. He received an Associate in Arts degree from Valencia Community College (Orlando, FL) in 1992. He graduated from the police academy at Valencia's Criminal Justice Institute (Orlando, FL) in 2002. He enjoys reading fiction in the fantasy, science-fiction, and horror genres.