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Cadence Legal Technologies Exhibiting at the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention March 31 – April 3


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Cadence Legal Technologies, a leading provider of end-to-end discovery and legal technologies solutions, recently announced that the company will be exhibiting at the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association's (VTLA) Annual Convention from March 31 through April 3. The convention is scheduled to take part at the Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. During the convention, participants that visit the Cadence Legal Technologies display booth will receive a first-hand demonstration of the company's three primary services: E-Discovery, Trial Support Consulting, and Trial Graphics.

Possibly one of the most intriguing and valuable services offered by Cadence Legal that will be on display at the convention is the E-Discovery program. Cadence Legal has partnered with a data management and information technology industry leader – eTERA Consulting – to develop the E-Discovery program, which helps law firms throughout the industry collect electronic legal evidence and process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Garnett Lee, President and Founder of Cadence Legal Technologies states, "As the volume and complexity of data continues to grow exponentially within corporations, so do the risks and costs associated with managing it. For most companies, this risk is very difficult to quantify, and the management of data often crosses multiple internal departments. Along with the volume of data, the variety of data sources is increasing as well. Early Information Assessment (EIA) is eTERA Consulting's unique, proactive methodology for integrating the management of big data responsibilities shared by legal, information technology, security, risk, compliance and regulatory stakeholders. eTERA's EIA experts prepare corporations for effective testimony to defend the reasonableness of litigation hold implementation in litigation and government investigatory matters through customized programs and industry best practices."

The E-Discovery program is a combination of several key categories necessary for law firms to accurately represent investigatory information in the courtroom, including Information Governance, Forensic Preservation and Collection, Transparent Processing and Hosting, Managed Review and Staffing and Managed Services. The program includes integrated project management, quality control processes, and real-time reporting to ensure firms and corporations can quickly and efficiently manage document reviews affordably. The program reduces the amount of time and resources spent on this process which helps reduce the cost of managing discovery data.

In addition to the E-Discovery program, Cadence Legal also plans to showcase two other services that the company offers: Trial Support Consulting and Presentation Services as well as Trial Graphics Development. The Trial Graphics Development service provides legal professionals with an approach to simplify legal matters for a jury through easy-to-understand 2D and 3D illustrations, timelines, and graphics. Additionally, the industry leading consultant team available to legal professionals offers top-notch collaboration with clients from years of experience and countless hours working on hundreds of cases.

Cadence Legal is the leading provider of end-to-end discovery and legal technology solutions, from evidence technology, eDiscovery, and electronic courtrooms to complete war-room setups and staffing. Their law firm perspective and unparalleled client service positions the company as a true leader in the industry.

About The VTLA Annual Convention
The VTLA Annual Convention offers continuing legal education seminars throughout the state of Virginia. The convention attracts the attention of thousands of active trial attorneys. It includes live presentations and provides vendors throughout the legal industry the opportunity to display products and services available to legal professionals, firms, and corporations.

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For more information about the VTLA Annual Convention, please visit

Media Contact
Garnett Lee
Cadence Legal, President