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Cadets: Bestselling Sci-Fi Adventure Novel Fuses Epic Space Battles with Bold Mystery; Hailed "Star Trek Meets Indiana Jones"

Written by Edward Miller, ‘Cadets’ has flung out of the far reaches of the atmosphere to achieve bestseller status since June. It’s easy to see why – this novel of intrigue and suspense is delighting both hard-core Physicists and fans of classic Science Fiction. With almost one hundred Amazon reviews and a galaxy’s-worth of critical acclaim, it’s one literary adventure not to be missed.


Willow Grove, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- While most new authors use their first few releases to simply test the literary waters, Edward Miller has proven that debut novels are also an opportunity to compete with genre bestsellers. ‘Cadets’, Miller’s second novel, has become something of a rapid cult classic since its release in June of 2013 – garnering a solid fan base and praise from around the world.


On a remote training planet, hotshot Earth Defense Fleet Cadet Ryan Thompson and his peace loving ex-girlfriend Amanda Williamson can't agree on anything. But when news comes of an alien invasion of Earth--the first in human history--they are thrown together on a deadly, unauthorized mission to face an unknown enemy. What they find is beyond their wildest expectations. A discovery that changes everything they thought they knew...about their hostile adversaries--and mankind.

With a trail of riddles and mysteries, epic space battles and journeys to the far corners of Earth, this "Star Trek meets Indiana Jones" Sci-Fi Adventure from Author Edward Miller should appeal to fans of Sci-Fi Space Operas and Young Adult Science Fiction. Edward Miller's debut novel with co-author J.B. Manas, The Kronos Interference, was named to Kirkus reviews best of 2012 and received a Starred Review from Kirkus, which called it "Impressively original" and a "Tour De Force."

As the author explains, his novel imparts far more than just a fictional story.

“It’s the perfect cocktail of ingredients that readers strive for. By witnessing the characters come of age, the audience also stays by their side as they learn how to cope with and adapt to a myriad of testing situations. This in itself is inspiring readers to face their shortcomings and grow from them,” says Miller.

Continuing, “The book’s success really has blown me away. I released it on Amazon in June of 2013 and it has been on its genre’s bestseller list since. Through my writing I have met hundreds of wonderful people and witnessed first-hand how my work effects them. I originally wrote the novel for a Young Adult audience – but I’ve been receiving positive feedback from all walks of life – literally!”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

"Cadets" is another homage to the great Scfi books of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Real Space Opera. I loved the story and the great sense of humor. Good character development and the feel of first class Scfi. ED please continue this series,” says Pete, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Katie Walsh was equally as impressed, adding, “If you like Young Adult Science Fiction, you won't be disappointed. The book is fast paced, with great characters and some intriguing plot twists. This is a fun science fiction story; it's not military driven, it's not a science project. It's a page turner with some teen angst and some good life lessons. I admit, I let the inner teen in me take over, but I've recommended it to a few younger readers (actual teens!) and they've enjoyed it as well.”

‘Cadets’, published by Pop Culture Zoo Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1bSIwh6.

About Edward Miller
Edward Miller is the author of the YA space adventure, Cadets, and co-author of The Kronos Interference, which was named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2012. As chief editor for a sci-fi simulation website for over fifteen years, he has crafted hundreds of stories designed to take readers to new places and immerse them in mind-bending situations.

In a former life as a musician, Edward toured the United States with such acts as Foghat, The Allman Brothers Band, Edgar Winter, 38 Special, and others. Edward resides in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania with his wife and family, along with their dog, Lady.