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CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses 5 Myths About Their Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a costly but necessary venture. While the costs of insurance can be high, the potential costs of driving without insurance are not only illegal in Ontario but can be financially catastrophic.


Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Myth #1: we'll pay more for certain car colors

Some insist that if we own a red car, we're more prone to cause accidents and to get caught speeding, which makes it likely we'll pay more for insurance coverage. While the theories to explain this myth are interesting, it's just that: a myth. Red cars statistically don't get pulled over or cause more accidents than they should.

Accordingly, our insurers don't set stock in the color of our car; in fact, they probably won't ask we the color when quoting we or writing our policy. Instead, insurers use the make and model of our car and our driving history to help determine our risk for an accident, along with how many miles we drive each day and other factors.

Myth #2: Credit or driving past doesn't matter if we switch

Just because an accident or moving violation occurred while we were insured by someone else doesn't mean it didn't happen. Auto insurance carriers consider past claims an indicator of future risk. If we've filed claims in the past, therefore, insurers consider we more likely to file in the future.

Another factor insurers use to determine the riskiness of a driver? Credit history. Most providers believe our credit report reveals how likely we are to file a claim. Good credit can save we on our monthly payments; poor credit could mean we pay more.

Myth #3: If someone borrows our car, their insurance covers a wreck

Auto insurance follows the car, not the driver. If we willingly lend someone our car, we better hope that person is a good driver. If he or she causes a wreck, we could be left to pay the bill. Only after our insurance reaches its limits will our friend's policy come into effect. And if our friend is uninsured, we'll be liable for any and all physical damage or medical fees he or she causes.

Take care lending out our car. If others borrow it regularly, consider adding them to our policy. That way, we're completely covered in case of a wreck they cause.

Myth #4: our insurance automatically pays for hail, fire, or vandalism

A freak hailstorm damages our windshield or maybe someone decided to walk along our street keying cars. If we only buy liability coverage for our auto insurance, we could have to pay for these damages ourself.

If we add optional comprehensive coverage to our policy, we could be covered for damage to our car not caused by a collision – up to the limits of our policy. Damage to our vehicle for wrecks we cause is covered by option collision coverage.

While these coverages are optional as far as the law is concerned, they're often required by our lender. That's not such a bad thing: In 2013, the average comprehensive car insurance claim was $1,621, whereas the average collision claim added up to $3,144, according to the Insurance Information Institute. we should consider purchasing these add-ons to avoid paying for unexpected damages in the future.

Myth #5: Every auto insurer will give we a similar quote

While most auto insurers check our credit and claims histories, each weighs risk differently. Whereas some insurers care more about the number of miles we drive, others charge more for a more dangerous model. Every carrier also has different discount availability and limits. Shop our policy to find out where we can get the best coverage for the right price for we.

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