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Cai Ray Just Launches Pink CR3025S Sunglasses

Cai Ray CR3025S is a general style sunglasses suit for adult women. Compare with many types of sunglasses, the big advantage of wearing this model sunglass is it integrates with pink frame and lens, make people younger and beauty.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2018 -- Cai Ray Sunglasses, the global leading sunglasses manufacturer, its ten-year brand flagship store, has recently landed on US and Europe Amazon, it specialized in providing Europe and American customers with a wind range of sunglasses models. Its design motto: to combine avant-garde ideology and oriental classical aesthetics, making sunglasses that suits westerners better. When people pick up sunglasses from stores or website, if they do not know what types suit them, why not choose Cai Ray's CR3025S resin lens sunglasses to wear. Cai Ray is branded sunglasses manufacture and seller worldwide, its quality and services worth people to trust. Now, let's introduce the features of CR3025S sunglasses:

High quality metal frame

CR3025S sunglasses produced from light metal material, designed lower frame weight, reduce nose girder pressure; give people more comfortable to wear. Durable material, not easy break, color and frame will keep as original. Adjustable non-slip silicone nose pad, make the frame stronger and let people wear long hours with satisfaction at outdoor travel.

High quality resin lens

Lens produced by high quality resin, can effectively resist UV400/harmful rays damage eyes. Lens tested by authoritative agency with quality assurance.

OCR3025 lens clear, watch transparently, and show people a colorful world.

Common colored sunglasses lens are not resist rays at all, will make eyes feel tried and uncomfortable. CR3025S sunglass lens do help prevent these problems as a common sunglasses, with its technologies.

Common size fit all faces
This model sunglass fit all faces, whatever the face form is.
Frame length 140mm
Frame leg 135mm
Nose girder 14mm
Lens 58mm

Look at other features of CR3025S sunglasses.

CR3025S model sunglass suits woman to wear at many different situations, walking, sports, golf, even shopping, outdoor travel. Cai Ray CR3025S now is available purchase at "Cai Ray".

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About Cai Ray
Since its launch, the Cai Ray sunglasses brand never cease to progress; it won the 2013 National Light Industries Eyeglasses Information Center's "Brand of Potential" for the year. Besides, Cai Ray brand appeared on both Shanghai International Sunglasses Expo and Beijing International Sunglasses Expo and draw a lot of attention. In the expos, Cai Ray impressed the global guests with its innovative exhibition position design and state-of-art manufacturing quality, thus placing its future on a firm footing. In the year of 2012, Cai Ray sunglasses hit the market with product that are more fashionable and better in quality, Cai Ray sunglasses have very high quality lens. The sunglasses are made of carbide and oil-proof polarized TAC lens, gradient colorful nylon glasses. Cai Ray always has its eyes on the future, will spare no effort to serve global customers with better quality product and support.