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Cajun Grocer Educates Consumers on Nutritional Benefits of Crawfish

Growing In Popularity And Increasing In Sales In and Outside of Louisiana


Lafayette, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- With seafood emerging as one of the top health foods in today's society, it's no wonder the demand has increased exponentially in the last decade. According to industry statistics, 7 million tons of seafood are consumed annually in the US. However, salmon and tuna are not the only foods Americans are reaching for these days. Crawfish production is rapidly growing, from what was previously considered a novelty to a mainstream dish. Cajun Grocer spokesperson Charlie Hohorst agrees, saying "Live crawfish with seasoning is a delicacy, but best of all it's nutritious. It's low in calories and high in protein, what a great combination. It's not our fault some people like to dredge them in melted butter. The crawfish themselves are a nutritional delicacy, rich in Omega 3."

For those looking to receive the freshest seafood, The Cajun Grocer select crawfish in premium restaurant-grade quality for their customers, which means a nice mix of jumbo, large and medium washed crawfish, says Hohorst. "A crawfish boil is a common reason many of our customers call in to order fresh crawfish, with the common order for a party of 20 being about 60 pounds. However, some people don't want to go that heavy on the crawfish and make up the mix with shrimp, crabs and other shell fish. Add to that red potatoes and corn on the cob along with season mix and andouille, mushrooms and smoked sausage and you have a boil on your hands." The Cajun Grocer also carries all the other accessories a person might need such as the stock pots and seasoning packages.

Horhorst adds extra value for his customers ordering off his website, saying, "When you purchase other fresh foods along with your live crawfish order, be sure to select ground shipping. We will include these items with your live crawfish shipment. By selecting ground, you'll save by not having to incur additional next day air freight charges."

Horhorst notes how the popularity of crawfish has grown outside of Louisiana, saying, "The playoffs and Superbowl are big times of the year for crawfish sales, but so are the holidays." notes Horhorst. "With the growing popularity of crawfish in everyday dishes, sales are growing steady throughout the year, not just during the spring with crawfish boils and during special occasions. For some delicious recipes definitely check out our website"

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