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Cal Auto Insurance Takes the Mystery out of Buying Car Insurance in California


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2012 -- As anyone who lives in California knows quite well, buying car insurance can be an extremely confusing experience. Newcomers to the state often feel overwhelmed, trying to figure out the various rules and regulations. From liability to insuring a teen driver to a certification called SR-22, most drivers have more questions than answers about car insurance in California.

Traditionally, learning about the various laws regarding California auto insurance has involved making numerous phone calls to insurance agents and maybe even the Department of Motor Vehicles. For most people, this is a time-consuming process that often leaves drivers feeling more unsure than ever.

A new website is devoted to unraveling the many mysteries surrounding car insurance in California.

Cal Auto Insurance includes a wide variety of helpful articles that explain in easy-to-understand terms everything that drivers need to know about auto insurance in the Golden State. Categories include general information about liability coverage requirements, advice and tips on insuring teenage drivers, and an explanation about what the SR-22 certification is all about.

Basically, the State of California requires an SR-22 for one specific violation: drivers who have been arrested for a DUI.

“An SR-22 is not a specific type of insurance. It is simply a certification form that your insurance company files with the California Department of Motor Vehicles,” an article on the website explained, adding that it shows the Department that a driver carries an auto insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements established for all drivers under California law.

“For a policy to qualify for an SR-22 filing, it must provide $15,000 in coverage for injuries you cause to one vehicle occupant, and $30,000 in coverage for injuries to two or more vehicle occupants. It must also provide $5,000 for property damage you cause in a motor vehicle accident.”

The website also includes helpful information on some of the California state laws that pertain to driving. For example, one of the most popular sections talks about the use of cell phones and other mobile electronic devices.

As an article on the site noted, California currently has very strict laws in place that severely limit the use of cell phones while driving. Only hands-free headsets are currently allowed, and in order to keep their eyes on the road at all times, drivers must only use voice dialing to make a call.

About Cal Auto Insurance
Cal Auto Insurance is a new website that features well-researched and educational articles filled with information, tips and advice about purchasing car insurance in California. The site is is dedicated to taking the confusion out of the entire process. Everything from liability to teen driving to cell phone laws is included in the free online resource. For more information, please visit http://www.calautoinsurance.net/