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Calabrese Law Associates Launches Campaign to Offer Affordable Legal Counseling

Need For Real Estate Litigation Assistance Increases In Light Of Growing Construction


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- According to Forbes, Boston ranks number 6 among cities with the fastest growing number of new construction developments in the United States. While this figure is evidence of a rebounding real estate market, it also foreshadows an upsurge in real estate litigation in the area. Such cases range from problems with the initial purchase of a rudimentary piece of land to legal issues surrounding the sale of a fully developed business complex with countless situations in between both ends of the spectrum. With this in mind, Peter G. Calabrese of Calabrese Law Associates has launched a campaign to offer those involved in all aspects of the real estate and construction industries affordable legal counseling in Boston.

Calabrese confirmed, "Real estate development is becoming progressively more complex and regulated. Project managers must jump through a number of legal hoops including construction and project design contracts, land use approvals, zoning, financing, environmental assessments and countless other issues. Our attorneys offer skill and experience in an array of related practice areas, and we use this knowledge to help ensure the processes go as smoothly as possible for our clients"

Industry requirements dictate legal matters begin at the same moment as searching for property to purchase. Once a buyer finds a desired piece of land, contracts begin to come into play with the current land owner, the purchaser and the financial institutions involved. After the land is purchased, inspection, zoning, and an endless array of permits must be acquired before development can ensue. Various contractors must be enlisted for construction, which leads to more contracts. Environmental and safety codes must be met throughout the process.

From the contractors' point of view, legal assistance from a Boston construction attorney is equally important. Calabrese noted general and subcontractors constantly find themselves in a battle over attempting to acquire payment for completed projects. Without contracts in place before a project begins, contractors are at risk of losing a great deal of time and money through the litigation process as well as their time wasted on the projects for which they may not receive payment. Creating a legally binding contract before promising service can prevent such problems.

Concluded Calabrese, "Our attorneys are able to put their knowledge to work to help clients in any area of the law regarding real estate and construction. Endless issues could arise during the progression of land development, and with anyone involved in the process. We ensure our clients are protected in any situation. Should an injury or property damage occur during construction or after the project is opened to the public, we can handle that as well. Achieving the best possible result for all our clients is our top priority."

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