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Calcite Market Prominent Players: Silver Microns Pvt. Ltd., CALCITE STAHOVICA, Northern Minerals Co. LLC, Ajanta Industries

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2018 -- Calcite is a rock-forming mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate with chemical formula CaCO3. Calcite is transparent to opaque and may sometimes display fluorescence or phosphorescenceand occurs in great variety of colors and shapes. Firstly, high-grade optical calcite was used in World War II in bomb sights, gun sights and anti-aircraft weaponry. Calcite crystals are trigonal-rhombohedral and found in sedimentary, sedimentary, metamorphicrocks across the world. Calcite is the principal constituent of marble and limestone. Calcite is used as an abrasive, construction material, construction aggregate, agricultural soil treatment, pigment, pharmaceutical and more and has more applications than almost other minerals.

New construction uses calcite widely used the form of limestone and marble to produce concrete and cement in modern constructions. These things are easily mixed, carry, and can be kept in the form of a slurry which will harden into a long lasting construction material. Concrete is used to construct bridges, buildings, walls, highways and many other structures and is also widely used as an acid neutralizer in the chemical industry and to make Monuments and Statuary, as a carbon dioxide repository.The key driving factors of the Calcite market are the rapid rate of construction and increasing health awareness among consumers. The macroeconomic factors which are driving Calcite market include rising disposable income, a rapid rate of urbanization, changing lifestyle and emerging economy.

Growing cosmetics and agriculture industry is also one of the major driving factors for the calcite market across the globe. Another major driving factors of a global Calcite market are mergers and acquisition among the Calcite market players and high investment in the construction industry. The market players operate in a Calcite market can capture high market share by doing forward integration and through the merger with domestic players. The key restraining factor of the Calcite market is its properties of insoluble in water. Few factors which would provide great opportunities for the calcite market over the forecast years include and Eastern Europe, the use of minerals in improving the CO2 footprint construction market in the BRIC and antipollution applications.

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Global Calcite market segmentation is done by the end-use industry includes cosmetics, pharmaceutical, agriculture, construction, beverage, and chemical. Among above-mentioned industry, construction accounts highest market share in global calcite market and is estimated to witness a positive growth over the forecast year followed by chemical industry. Another segmentation of global Calcite market is done based on product form types such as crystal and powder. Among these mentioned product form type, crystal type is estimated to captures high market share in global Calcite market over the forecast period. Construction has been the largest market for Calcite for long years across the globe.

By the geographies, the global Guanylic acid market is segmented into seven regions including Latin America, North America, Japan, Middle East & Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific except Japan. Among the regions, North America and Western Europe is predicted to fuel the demand over the forecast year, owing to the high demand of calcite in this region.

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Asia Pacific is estimated to witness high growth rate in global calcite market over the forecast period, owing to high demand of calcite for industrial application in the region. It is predicted that Middle East and Africa will see a positive growth rate over forecast period, attributed to rapidly growing calcite market in Saudi Arabia. Due to high usage of calcite in construction and cosmetics industries, it is predicted that Japan will have a high growth rate in global calcite market over the forecasted period.