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Calcium Peroxide Market Higher Mortality Rates by 2028


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2019 -- Introduction: Calcium Peroxide Market

In the recent years, the contamination of the groundwater, surface water and soil contamination in the urban as well as in industrial sector has become more severe. This water and soil contaminants has enforced significant challenges to the environment and as well as to human health. In order to reduce these contaminations calcium peroxide is used globally.

Calcium peroxide is an inorganic compound having molecular formula CaO2 and is commonly abbreviated as CP, calcium peroxide is a white or yellowish solid which belongs to the alkaline group. By holding substantial thermal stability, calcium peroxide is less subject to the effect of carbon dioxide and atmospheric moisture. The application of calcium peroxide is majorly in polymer, metallurgy and also in inorganic synthesis. The key application of the calcium peroxide is to provide oxygen externally for horticulture and agriculture. Growth of the calcium peroxide application in the applied technologies such as, biotechnology application for the medical science purpose. Calcium peroxide is known as the most thermal stable inorganic product and is also considered as an effective and versatile solid source of hydrogen peroxide. In addition to this, calcium peroxide has been widely applied in deodorizing, bleaching and disinfection. The end use application of the calcium peroxide extends to the field of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) control, wastewater treatment, remediation of sediments, groundwater and in cyanobacterium inhibition. Calcium peroxide based products are available on commercial scale for the purposes of chemical oxidation and contaminants biodegradation.

Market Dynamics: Calcium Peroxide Market

The positive growth in the agriculture sector and increase in demand as oxidizing agents in order to maintain quality of the soil and relatively produce high yield. In addition to this, growing trend of whitening agents in toothpastes due to the growing consumer awareness regarding importance of strong white teeth these are the some key factors which are responsible for the growth of the calcium peroxide market in the near future. Manufacturers have strong opportunity to retain maximum share in the forecast period. The opportunity comes from the cruise, ferry and others. Increasing efficiency and demand from the end use industries has claimed to be the current trend in the calcium peroxide market.

Treatment of the wastewater is the key driver for the growth of the calcium peroxide market. Stringent government regulations has expected to create challenge in the sales of the calcium peroxide market. On the basis of the regional outlook, the region Europe and North America are expected to witness for significant rise in water treatment facilities owing to the strict environment regulations.

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Market Segmentation: Calcium Peroxide Market

Calcium peroxide is segmented on the basis of application and end use

On the basis of application, the calcium peroxide market is segmented as

Clarifying Agent
Oxidizing Agent
Deodorizing Agent

On the basis of end use, the calcium peroxide market segmented as

Water & Wastewater
Food & Beverages
Other Industrial
Other Industrial
Non- Industrial

Regional Outlook: Calcium Peroxide Market

Increasing economic condition correspondingly increasing GDP of the region is expected to gain traction in the North America followed by Europe. Asia Pacific is expected to create more opportunities for the calcium peroxide manufacturers by providing subsidiaries. On the basis of the CAGR, China is expected to expand at a significant CAGR followed by India in the Asia Pacific region. Middle East & Africa is expected to expand at a sluggish CAGR as compared to the Latin America market.

Some of the key players of the calcium peroxide market are the

American Elements
The Arkema Group
Carus Group Inc.
Noshly Pty. Ltd.
Peroxychem S.A.gyu Jie Hua Chemical Co.
Stp Chem Solutions Co. Ltd.
Zhengzhou Huize Biochemical Technology Co. Ltd
Evonik Degussa GmbH
Sunway Lab
The Dow Chemical Company
Nikunj Chemicals

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