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Calcium Silicate Market Growth Analysis 2026 : Top Key Players Are Thermal Ceramics, Industrial Insulation Group, Skamol, Promat and American Elemen

Construction sector to emerge as a major end-use avenue for calcium silicate Market.


Sellbyville, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2020 -- Calcium silicates Market size is anticipated to attain significant growth from 2020 to 2024. Calcium silicates apparently have low bulk density and high physical water absorption capabilities due to which these products have wide applications across various sectors including construction, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and insulation materials.

Calcium silicate-based cement is also used in the field of dentistry for performing endodontic surgeries and calcium silicate boards are utilized for decorative applications and heat isolation purposes in the field of construction.

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Calcium silicate is also used in the manufacture of calcium silicate boards and panels, that are fireproof, water proof, and compliant with sound absorption and heat isolation features. These boards are extensively used for building external and internal walls and ceilings, partitions, and as underlay boards for floor and wall tiles. Calcium silicate boards are made from a combination of fine silica, Portland cement, and special cellulose fibers and are used for imparting durability, toughness, fire and moisture resistance.

Company Profiles in the Calcium Silicate Market:

1. American Elements
2. Thermal Ceramics
3. Industrial Insulation Group
4. Skamol
5. Promat
6. Chaitanya Chemicals
7. Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing
8. Mil-Spec Industries
9. Pyrotek

Owing to rapid industrialization worldwide, there has been a surge in construction of chemical manufacturing facilities and refineries which has reinforced calcium silicate market outlook from insulating applications. Calcium silicate insulation is suited for high-temperature equipment and pipe infrastructures, such as in an oil refinery or at steam electric power generation plants.

The substance boasts of extreme robustness and is non-combustible, boosting its adoption across a wide range of industrial units. Consistent rise in global economy and incessant demand for chemicals, petroleum products and electricity will fuel calcium silicate industry size.

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Reportedly, the population in Saudi Arabia is estimated to surpass 36.84 million by 2025, a nearly 5 million increase over 2015 numbers, suggesting tremendous demand for calcium silicate from pharmaceutical and food & beverage applications over the projected timeframe. Steady expansion of retail sector in the region will facilitate the growth of local and global food & beverage sectors, strengthening the demand for calcium silicate market for food additives.

Some of the companies mentioned in the report include Mil-Spec Industries, Chaitanya Chemicals, Thermal Ceramics, American Elements, Industrial Insulation Group, Pyrotek and Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing. Players can be expected to seek mergers and joint venture agreements to expand global reach and enhance their product portfolio.

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