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Calculate the Amount of Calories to Be Burned Using Weight Loss Calculator


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- The number of people who face the problem of obesity is constantly increasing. The market witnesses the launch of numerous weight loss products on a daily basis. It is quite important for people to choose a highly effective product that can provide correct information about the amount of calories to be shed for attaining weight loss. Weight Loss Programs Inc. is a premier company that is committed to developing software solutions aimed at solving many serious problems in the diet niche. The company has currently launched a new product named “ Weight Loss Calculator ”, which has the capacity to calculate the amount of calories to be burned in order to lose weight within a specified time limit.

The new software application enables users to obtain information about the amount of calories needed for either maintaining or losing specific weight as per individual requirements. As stated by the company owner, “The application was created in order to offer proper warnings if your weight loss goals are too aggressive”.

As part of applying this software, it is essential for users to enter specific personal details relating to age, gender, height (in centimeters, inches and feet), extreme activity, sport activity, high activity, weight (in kilograms or pounds), moderate activity, daily activity level and no sport or exercise. It is also essential to enter details about the possible amount of weight an individual wishes to lose (either in kilograms or pounds) and the total time required to attain the weight loss. The weight loss calculator suggests the amount of calories to be consumed to maintain the present weight of the user as well as the total calories required to lose weight.

“Weight Loss Calculator can assess your own personal caloric needs with a little math. By using a simple formula called the Harris-Benedict principle, you can assess your basal metabolic rate, also known as your BMR”, adds the company spokesman. It is possible to conduct a free download for this weight loss application file, which is of a total size of 3.15MB. It is very easy to use this weight loss application software.

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About Weight Loss Programs Inc.
Weight Loss Programs Inc is a reputed company that develops key software application tools related to solving many serious problems with regard to diet practices. A new product named “Weight loss calculator” has been launched by the company, which enables users to obtain information about the amount of calories to be shed for specific weight loss, within a particular time limit.

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