CalcXML's New Mortgage Calculator: Simple or Explicit Results- Calculates With or Without Insurance and Property Tax Values


Bluffdale, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- The Benefits of knowing what lies ahead:

CalcXML is known in the financial industry for intuitive calculators and attention to detail in their free calculators. Everyone from students on the go, to the mortgage broker are making use of these calculators. For this reason, CalcXML has added another feature to their calculator that is beyond a conventional calculator. This provides an easy-to-use calculator that accommodates everyone’s interests.

How to Build a Better Mortgage Calculator:

They like to focus on simplicity when designing their calculator interfaces. CalcXML understands that people are busy and don’t always have every detail needed for a perfect calculation. This is why they have created a mortgage calculator that works two ways. It will automatically determine estimates for Private Mortgage Insurance, Property Taxes, and Hazard Insurance. Alternatively, if someone knows the values for their PMI, Property Taxes, and Hazard Insurance, they can enter that information manually and get more specific results.

Know Interest Payments In Full:

The CalcXML Mortgage Calculator is also upfront regarding the amount of interest that will accrue for the duration of the loan. This is helpful when one is making that decision to finalize a mortgage, or whether wanting to go back to negotiate with a lender.

Going with a 15 year or a 30 year loan?

Beyond that, their calculator provides the standard financial amortization schedule which, in conjunction with the total interest payments, will help visitors to decide whether to get a fifteen year mortgage or thirty year mortgage. All this information is represented clearly in a multi-color graph that provides a distinct “curve” of the interest and principal payments.

After the Calculator Values. What is the next step?

Regardless of one's needs or level of experience in the mortgage industry, they will find these calculators easy to use and understand. Please consult with a mortgage broker or lender regarding current interest rates and potential payments. CalcXML always recommends that visitors double check mortgage calculator values with a lender prior to making any important decisions. All calculation information is provided to help estimate costs only. To learn more, please visit