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Calfornia Mediation Solutions Reduces the Stress Involved in a Divorce

Mediation Remains an Option, One Which Reduces Costs and Speeds the Divorce Process. California Mediation Solutions Reduces the Stress Involved in a Divorce. Mediation Remains an Option, One Which Reduces Costs and Speeds the Divorce Process


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- According to, the average cost of divorce in America runs $20,000 although many factors play a role in how much each party will ultimately pay. Sadly, many continue to be unaware of alternatives to the traditional divorce process, such as mediation. Mediation allows a couple to reach an agreement, without giving a court the power to decide what happens to the children, how much support will be paid, how assets will be divided and more. "Couples looking to divorce need to consider mediation. It reduces acrimony and saves all parties involved money - money which allows each party to move forward with their new life," Ms. Rosauer, a divorce mediation lawyer in Riverside, declares.

Divorce mediation, a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, appeared on the legal scene 20 years ago and allows parties to resolve their divorce without the need to go to court. Thanks to severely congested courts in certain areas and closing courts in others, many find their divorce could be delayed for weeks, months or years waiting to go before a judge, either for temporary orders or a trial. "These delays cost money and increase the emotional turmoil families go through which is why many are looking for alternatives to the traditional court process. Mediation is one of the best options," Ms. Rosauer states.

The average divorce that is litigated in court takes 18 months and fees often start at $3,500 to $5,000 for each divorce lawyer in Riverside, with costs increasing the longer the case drags on. In addition, when one goes before a judge during a divorce, the judge makes the decisions and controls many aspects of each party's future life. "Mediation often resolves the divorce in just a few sessions, sometimes only one, and no court appearance is needed. Divorcing parties save as much as 60 percent on legal fees and each spouse has more control over the decisions made. This process is private and allows for better co-parenting over the long run," Ms. Rosauer continues.

Visit to learn more about divorce mediation and how it benefits all parties involved. Mediation successfully resolves issues in divorces, legal separation, and post-divorce cases and brings about a friendlier ending to a partnership. "If any questions remain after visiting the website, don't hesitate to contact our office. We'll be more than happy to answer these questions and help you determine if mediation is right for you and your family. For most divorcing couples, it is," Ms. Rosauer exclaims.

About California Mediation Solutions
Laura Rosauer brings more than 15 years of experience as an attorney to the table, with nine years of experience litigating family law cases. She understands the law, works with clients to ensure they understand what may happen should a case go to court, and offers alternatives to traditional litigation. With her extensive experience and knowledge in family law, Ms. Rosauer finds ways to help parties reach solutions that others may overlook. In most cases, mediation becomes the preferred solution. Ms. Rosauer underwent specialized training in this field to work as a certified mediator and as a certified family law mediator. Many undergo general mediation courses, yet Ms. Rosauer chose to take her training further to include courses specializing in family law mediation to make sure she helps clients in every way possible. Ms. Rosauer also sits on the Riverside Superior Court's Family Law Mediator Panel.