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Calgary Promotional Videos Discusses Video Content: Why Is It Important in Any Business?

Video is the ability to tell a story, and when done, that story comes alive.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Content comes in more forms than simply writing a blog post. As the Internet continues to grow, marketing and customer interaction can happen in numerous ways, and the latest marketing type to get recognition is Video Content.

Traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient. Gone are the days of the ‘Bullet Theory’ that would force a message through mass media onto an influential audience. The ‘Cultivation Theory’ too is no longer appropriate as television holds less power than it once did. These are two very old, outdated methods of marketing a message. The audience is smarter, the mediums that are used to market are increasing, and the message is always changing.

Natalie Lorentzen, Creative Director, Quickclips explains the reasoning behind the shift in traditional marketing. “ The way we consume media has obviously changed, & so has audience behaviour and expectations. We have the ability to actively search for specific brand or product information, in the form of reviews, recommendations and demonstrations,” she shares.

These examples are extreme, yes, but they were and still are used today. The key to marketing today is to engage the audience. Now, I know they are thinking – this is a blog on content, why are theytalking about marketing? Content is important to marketing products or ideas, content is an important part of engaging your customer.

As the Internet grows and online becomes the norm, it’s important to grasp all areas of marketing available to them. A recent research paper from ExactTarget Direct Marketing: The Critical Trek for Multichannel Campaign Management states:

“The hard sell isn’t working in this new environment, and successful campaign management strategies have shifted from interruptive push toward two-way conversations and addressing mutually beneficial approaches to customers’ wants and needs, which a digital marketing approach can provide,” Adam Sarner, Gartner, Research Director.

Lorentzen agrees there is a strategy shift which “gives marketers an opportunity to give people the information they’re looking for on the platforms they’re frequenting. A product demo on YouTube is easy to find, easy to watch and easy to share – so it’s targeted, measurable and shareable – don’t get that with a traditional media spend.”

Tim West, Strategy Director from White Labelled expands further on sharing information and believes that businesses can use video to engage customers in two areas. “Videos can be used to help customers understand a product’s features and benefits as well as help the audience understand a subject in which the retailer has products for sale,” explains West. “Generally we recommend a business investigates using video when the subject is a complicated one, or their site visitation has reached a point where the uplift in sales pays for the productions costs.”

West also explains that videos need to be placed where the content is relevant and Lorentzen believes that there are many places where this can occur.

“One can deliver a lot of information in a short clip, and it has a wide reach because it can be used on multiple channels, online and offline, in-store and via mobile devices, says Lorentzen. “Ways to use video can range from the informative to the entertaining or the kooky and can assist customers in making purchasing decisions.”

Video is being increasingly used in the online and offline space. However, businesses need to make sure that their own video content is valuable to the customer. According to Lorentzen, a big budget isn’t always necessary.

“The best approach is to be genuine, clear and it has to be well produced. That doesn’t mean one needs a massive budget to get a good result,” says Lorentzen.

West also believes a big budget isn’t necessary to create a valuable clip. “It isn’t about creating a single video, or having a ‘studio quality’ production. They need to focus on adding value for the customer. What information will help them make an informed purchase decision? What questions would they have about a category of products in which they operate? I am not saying quality doesn’t matter, it definitely does, but value to the customer is more important and video production quality doesn’t necessarily mean value.”

The bottom line is that video is an important piece of content to have on the site, or across all aspects of the business, and the don’t necessarily need to have the latest equipment or an expensive studio for it to be a success.

“Video creates a much more engaging customer experience, which improves conversions and retention,” West finishes.

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Video is the ability to tell a story, and when done, that story comes alive. We want to understand what is unique about you, and communicate it in such a way that your story engages your audience and draws them in to your world. Whether that be the beauty and emotion of a wedding, or telling your employees about your corporate culture; all can be done in such a way that allows what is unique about you to be communicated well. That is what we do for you.