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Calgary Web Design Company Red Cherry Discusses Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2016

Web designs trends are a bit like fashion in that they change every year, but unlike fashion, web design is largely dictated by developments in technology. As web platforms change and evolve, so do web design trends. Sometimes the improvements are a good thing; other times not so much.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Red Cherry is a Digital Agency based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Last year not a lot changed in the world of web design and most new websites adopted the more minimalist approach that has been in favor in recent years. But developments behind the scenes have been inexorably racing forwards and many of the most popular web frameworks have continued to evolve. So how will the latest changes affect you and what can you expect if you are planning to build or revamp a website for your business?

CSS3 Has Arrived
2016 is the year where some CSS3 layout modules can now safely be used in popular browsers. To the uninitiated, this means that layouts won't look hugely different, but the underlying code will be more reliable and a lot simpler (if you decide to start editing your code).

Animations Galore
Animations are nothing new, but expect to see a lot more animation techniques used in web design over the coming year. Larger animations such as pop-ups are big impact whereas smaller animations don't require much in the way of user input. All can be effective and highly entertaining in small doses, but don't overdo it or your site visitors will be turned off in a big way.

Hamburger Menus
It is becoming increasingly commonplace to view web content on mobile devices. Because of this trend, many web designers have started creating 'hamburger' menus, so navigation is hidden from view until expanded. This creates a cleaner, more aesthetically appealing site, but it isn't the right move for all websites. For one thing users might not discover vast swathes of your website, and for another, users are more likely to give up if navigation pathways are not obvious.

Bring Photos to Life with Cinemagraphs
You may already be familiar with cinemagraphs – they have been around for a while now – but with the advent of 'live photos' on newer iPhones, advertisers and content producers are waking up to how popular a small amount of movement within a static image can be. And with the underlying technology much improved, it is now very easy to produce your own cinemagraphs.

Big, Bold and Beautiful Fonts
Up to now, website designers have mostly stuck to safe fonts, in a boring black, but bold web fonts are now a lot more accessible. There is nothing wrong with plain and boring if you are building a corporate website, but for everyone else, expect to see an explosion of large, colourful fonts in 2016, which should change the way we view text online.

App Overload: It's truly awesome that site owners can integrate 3rd-party tools and apps to their sites, but surely there is a limit. It's tempting to add more functionalities, true, but remember that these tools were all designed separately by completely different people. They often have totally different styles, and, especially if we add multiple apps per page, an aesthetic conflict is inevitable.

Google Deep Dream: The creepy psychedelic universe that Google unleashed is inspiring people to create scary things. For now, it's only our social feeds that are filled with bizarre images of dogs, eyes and limbs, but we fear that soon enough we will start seeing these twisted visuals on websites as well.

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