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Calgary Web Firm Red Cherry Cracks Mobile Device Market

Calgary web firm to roll out ambitious mobile website redevelopment services.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Calgary company Red Cherry Web Solutions is the first Canada firm to roll out ambitious mobile website redevelopment services.

Apple's iPhone created the biggest buzz in the computing world in 2007. While the sought-after gadget has yet to arrive in Canada, its wondrous mobile services and ingenious design is a response to eCommerce and computing trends that are increasingly mobile.

More people are accessing the Internet and making online purchases using cell phones, PDAs and Blackberries than ever before.

Globally, there are roughly 2.3 billion mobile subscribers as opposed to 1 billion PC users. As Yahoo! market analyst Russell Beattie points out "... it's really not a matter of if the mobile phone will become the dominant Internet platform anymore, but when."

However, most businesses do not have web sites that can display quickly and efficiently on these small, handheld devices. Shawn Moore, Internet marketing expert and president of Think, recognizes this problem and has the solution.

"Mobile optimization is ideal for and should be implemented on every type of business website. Whether your business is retail, roofing, real estate, a restaurant, or a government funded organization, being mobile will allow the fastest growing online search market to have access to your business anywhere and anytime now and in the future," says Moore, adding, "Go Mobile, Get Found." encourages those who are seeking to make their business online and do an effective online campaign for their products and services. Managed and controlled under the correct supervision of experts, the company lets customers discuss their requirements with the experts and get the most effective solution that suits their business needs.

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Red Cherry Digital a well-known web development company in Calgary; it has carved a niche for its competency, expertise, quality of work, etc. amongst others. Also, it caters to both large and small scale businesses to reach out their customers and design websites using the latest and trendiest tools and techniques. With a team of highly qualified IT professionals who can provide custom website designing solutions, they are placed well above others in the competition.