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Calgary's Leara Elearning Inc. Unveils Next-Generation Elearning Interface


Calgary, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Since 2010, when Steve Jobs published an open letter against the use of the Adobe Flash plug-in, elearning developers around the world have been struggling to find alternative ways to deliver compelling learning experiences on the web that are universal across all browsers. Today, Calgary's Leara eLearning Inc. released the Elevate5™ interface for Adobe Edge Animate, which, for the first time, gives elearning developers the ability to create custom narrated and interactive computer-based training that can be viewed on all devices, including Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Connor Gottfried, CEO, explains: "Unlike other HTML5 solutions, which rely on templates and wizards, and greatly restrict the developer, the Elevate5™ solution uses Adobe Edge Animate as the authoring tool. Edge Animate's open structure and use of the JavaScript programming language gives developers the ability to produce complex learning interactions and games, and the software's HTML5 output is universally viewable on all modern browsers". The Elevate5™ interface displays an intuitive front-end for the learner and handles the SCORM-standard progress tracking, bookmarking and navigation features. The interface is adaptive so the content can be viewed on all mobile phones/tablets and also provides the much needed ability to allow synchronized, narrated content on iOS devices.

For professional elearning developers, after several years of searching for a solution to the decline of Flash and experimenting with sub-par replacement tools, the Elevate5™ interface marks the beginning of the next generation in pure HTML5 elearning.

For learners, the Elevate5™ interface means their training is available anytime, anywhere and on any device, while still being intuitive, engaging, effective.

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