Mike Garcia

California Based Manhattan Beach "Sustainability" Champions "Naomi Howison" and "Mike Garcia" Announce American Japanese Educational Campaign to Expand Raw Xocai Products Into Funabashi, Hachinohe and Okazaki Japan with "MXI Corp" Leader Adam Green


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- When Mike reached 40 years of age, his body began to feel it's age, as he had participated in high school sports and had completed more than 50 full marathons.  Even though he felt he was living a rather healthy lifestyle, he wasn't feeling up to par.  A friend recommended he attend the Tony Robbins signature event "Unleash the Power Within".  He had no idea what to expect and was surprised to see Tony go on stage all day and night long...WITHOUT BREAKS!  His energy levels are off the charts.  He decided that he wanted the secret to his energy and vitality.  Fortunately, the last day of his event was about to to achieve his levels of health and energy.  In a nutshell, he spoke about a Raw, Vegan diet with lots of water and exercise as the key to outstanding healthy.  This type of diet is called the "Alkaline" diet, which eliminates, high carbs and animal products.  What is there left to eat?  Mike was soon to find out.

After the event, Mike cut out all meat and dairy products.  He was eating lots of salad and fresh fruits and vegetables.  His energy levels went through the roof!  His extra weight began to melt off.  Mike felt so amazing that he decided I would adopt this style of eating for the rest of his life.  Gone were the days of lots of fat laden Mexican food (Which he loved).  However, he came to adopt the attitude that "Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels".  Gone were the days of sweets and chocolate.  Again, his commitment was to energy and vitality and no food was going to stop him. 

About 3 years ago, Mike was at a wellness expo and saw a booth with a sign that read "Healthy Chocolate".  He thought it was the biggest gimmick of all time.  Mike inquired about why they would call it "Healthy".  He got the answer that "This chocolate is cold-pressed and vegan".  He was sold at the point, and bought a box.  After consuming 3 pieces a day, a shoulder pain had for a year went away.  He found out this particular Belgian chocolate is tested as THE highest anti-oxidant food on the planet.  Because chocolate melts at such low temperatures, he was able to use it in many recipes for an alkaline diet.  Mike consume this healthy chocolate several times a day to keep my energy up and weight off.  Living a vegan / Alkaline lifestyle is not only healthier and better for the body, but very enjoyable due to the discovery of the ancient super food....Vegan, cold-pressed Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

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