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California Based Redondo Beach "Sustainability" Defender "Mike Garcia" and "Naomi Howison" Announce Japanese American Educational Campaign to Expand Organic Xocai Products Into Kagoshima, Kasukabe and Takasaki Japan with "MXI Corp" Earner Adam Green


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia has always lived and active lifestyle and part of his quest is researching the latest in the areas of health and wellness.  Having completed over 50 full 26 mile marathons, Mike is no stranger to physical challenges.  As he got older, Mike felt the ravages that athletes endure as they age.  "I thought I was doing all the right things in my diet" laments Mike, as he endured feelings of tiredness and fatigue.  Then Mike attended the Tony Robbins signature event Unleash the Power Within".  It was at this event that Mike learned about alkalizing the body, which is converting to a mostly vegan diet.  "It was really tough at first" admits Mike.  This was because Mike did not know about Xocai Vegan chocolate at the time.  As he was walking the aisles of a wellness expo, Mike ran across Xocai and was impressed by this vegan, healthy Belgian chocolate.  "Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels" says Mike.  "And Xocai Healthy Chocolate" make healthy eating so simple and fun.  Xocai is tested and proven to be the world's #1 high anti-oxidant food.  There are more antioxidants in one piece of Xocai healthy chocolate that there are in a bowl of raw spinach. " If Popeye were around today, he'd be energizing chocolate" jokes Mike.  Xocai comes in an assortment of flavors, so one does not face "Flavor fatigue".  Xocai is also the world's first "Functional" chocolate with, probiotics and omega oil, yet it tastes like the premium Belgian chocolate that it is.   Great health just got a little easier with Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

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EnviroscapeLA, a sustainable landscape construction firm specializing in green solutions in the landscape and building Japanese Koi ponds.  EnviroscapeLA's work has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and has been the recipient of local, state, national and international awards.