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California Based Rolling Hills "Sustainability" Promoters "Naomi Howison" and "Mike Garcia" Announce American Japanese Educational Campaign to Expand Raw Xocai Products Into Higashi?Saka, Ageo and Asahikawa Japan with "MXI Corp" Leader Adam Green


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Company leaders point out that before Xoçai introduced its groundbreaking chocolate to the marketplace, many consumers did not widely recognize the natural health benefits of chocolate. Xoçai has been a trailblazer in helping the public recognize that dark chocolate, if prepared and processed correctly, does indeed possess an impressive benefit profile, and can be enjoyed regularly by health-conscious consumers focused on nutrition, weight loss, energy, anti-aging and other health concerns. The newly approved trademark bodes well for the company’s future. Brooks stated, “The ‘Healthy Chocolate’ trademark enhances our strategic position as we continue to expand our business, helping us create an even brighter future for our distributors and customers involved in the wellness, nutrition and direct sales industries.”

It is the policy of Xoçai® to make sure that our contribution to the planet is positive in our interactions with other cultures and people as well as leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible. Below are some actions we have taken to move towards this goal.  Xoçai® products contain 100% ethically traded cacao purchased from small, family-owned and operated farms on Ivory Coast. We are proud to say that no human exploitation is involved in any stage of the cacao’s journey to market. Farmers provided with fair wages and humane working conditions. No pesticides are used in the harvesting of our cacao beans and harvesting is sustainable forest farmland growth. Our cacao is non-alkalized and cold-pressed for optimal Antioxidant retention. -No harmful ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMO) or ingredients

Create awareness for our ethically-conscious customers -Products certified by Brunswick Labs Renewable or “green” resources Certified a major environmental oversight organization: -Sustainable Forest Initiative

Future Xoçai™ packaging will carry these environmental endorsement certifications from each applicable organization.  (youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PStv-mVw3mQ)

Celebrating its 8th anniversary, MXI Corp announced that its trademark application for “Healthy Chocolate” was approved by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on February 28, 2012. MXI is an industry leader in the rapidly growing category of healthy, dark chocolate under its Xoçai (sho-sigh) brand of anti-oxidant rich, Belgian chocolate products and beverages. “Approval of the ’Healthy Chocolate’ trademark represents a significant milestone for MXI,” said Andrew Brooks, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MXI Corp. “We’ve increasingly become known as the ‘Healthy Chocolate’ company, utilizing proprietary formulations of premium ingredients, along with cold-processing techniques, to retain the nutritional potency of cacao and açaí berries,” said Brooks. “With this milestone, we now have another important tool to establish ourselves as the icon for Healthy Chocolate, both inside and outside our industry,” he added.

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