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California Heart & Vascular Clinic Announces Minimally Invasive Approach


El Centro, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- With the ever rising rate of heart disease in the United States and the growing cost of health care, it is becoming more and more important to find a high quality cardiologist. Most people have some ideas about the warning signs that can lead to heart failure, in particular chest pain and numbness in the arms and legs, and if they consult a doctor in a timely manner the patient can reduce the severity of their heart issues. The californiaheartclinic is one of the leading heart clinics in the California area, offering a wide range of services that separate them from the pack.

Since 1996 Dr. Athar M. Ansari has been providing heart care services in private practice, and he is the primary cardiologist at the californiaheartclinic. His skills as a surgeon and as a leading edge researcher have made him one of the most sought after cardiologists in the country. Working with a commitment to amputation prevention, Dr. Ansari has built a reputation for taking on complex and complicated cases that other doctors typically avoid.

At the californiaheartclinic Dr. Ansari pioneered minimally invasive surgery techniques, especially for peripheral vascular surgery. The state of the art facility and highly trained staff take many of the risks out of surgeries like angioplasty, and patients typically go through a recovery period that is quick enough that they can be released the same day. The staff of the californiaheartclinic really puts an emphasis on taking care of the patient, both in and out of the operating room, which helps to make a serious procedure much less frightening.

People who are interested in seeing what some of Dr. Ansari’s many satisfied patients have to say can find their testimonials at . This patient feedback can help to give potential patients an idea about what to expect when they schedule a consultation with Dr. Ansari.

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