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California Heart & Vascular Clinic Makes Heart Care More Convenient


El Centro, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- As the number of cases of heart disease in the United States increases, more and more people are looking for a convenient way to keep their hearts beating strong. Modern medical technology has made it possible to treat and even prevent heart disease from becoming fatal, but it requires patients to take the initiative to seek treatment. The minimally invasive treatment options offered by the California heartclinic enables patients to find a convenient way to deal with their heart issues.

Dr. Athar M. Ansari has been a pioneer in the development of medical devices and cutting edge techniques for the most complex and complicated coronary conditions. Recognized as a leading specialist in peripheral vascular disease, Dr. Ansari upholds an attitude of amputation prevention and treatment, all while upholding the highest levels of patient comfort and care. With the California heartclinic as his base of operation, Dr. Ansari offers hope and a second treatment option for extreme cases.

Because the California heartclinic uses minimally invasive surgery, patients do not have to worry about spending days or weeks in the hospital recovering from their procedures. Most minimally invasive techniques use only a local anesthetic, with small incisions to give access to the blocked arteries, and almost all patients are able to leave the clinic the same day of their operation. In addition, the lack of general anesthesia drastically reduces the cost of most treatments, making heart care much more affordable. Even more convenient for the patient is the special effort that the California heartclinic has put in to reducing the amount of paperwork patients are required to complete before they have a procedure done.

Potential patients can learn more about the minimally invasive surgery options at . If they do decide to seek treatment at the clinic, they can even download and print the important patient documents to fill out at home before they travel to the doctor’s office.

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