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California Heart & Vascular Clinic Offers out Patient Heart Surgery


El Centro, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Any time a patient has heart surgery there are risks involved, and sometimes a long recovery process. Minimally invasive surgery is the best approach to reduce those risks and the time that it takes to recover from the procedure. The California Heart Clinic provides out patient heart services in the Imperial Valley, by utilizing the most modern minimally invasive surgical procedures.

It is important that patients are comfortable with their doctors and that they feel like they are valued as more than just another patient. Dr. Athar M. Ansari has long been a proponent of amputation prevention and customer care through the California Heart Clinic and he has surrounded himself with a staff of like minded people. The highly trained staff at the clinic does all that they can to ensure that patients are not inconvenienced anymore than is necessary when it comes to paperwork, creating a very patient friendly atmosphere.

The out patient services offered through the California Heart Clinic reduce the risk, recovery and cost of heart procedures. Since the patient does not have to go through a general anesthesia, the chance of complications is radically reduced. In addition, most patients are able to leave the clinic on the same day as their procedure because the doctors do not have to monitor the patient to check for problems caused by the anesthesia. The lack of an overnight stay means patients do not have to pay for a hospital bed or the high cost of medications that are given by hospitals.

The California Heart Clinic is one of the leading destinations for minimally invasive heart surgery in the Imperial Valley. The out patient services give patients numerous benefits which make the procedures cost effective and convenient, while the staff at the clinic helps to guide patients through the process of their procedure.

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