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California Heart & Vascular Clinic Reports Decrease in Heart Stroke for Diabetes People


El Centro, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Better disease management and healthy lifestyle is the key to live longer and healthier life. Death rates of diabetes people with cardio vascular problems have been dropping as compared to the statistics from 1996 to 2013 according to the researchers in californiaheart clinic. The percentage drop of death rate due to heart disease is somewhere around 40% and has still been narrowing year after year though people with diabetes have higher risk of dying younger as compared to those that do not have diabetes.

What is helping in declining death rate?

You might be wondering what is the actual cause for reduction in the death rate. Interestingly, the root cause of this reduction rate is the improved medical care of cardio vascular diseases in the clinic, better management of diabetes problems, encouraging healthy lifestyle and inclination towards natural remedies like yoga and breathing techniques. Diabetes people hardly smoke and are more active during their day to day life. This helps in controlling their blood pressure, sugar level (glucose), cholesterol level, thus contributing towards healthy living. This will also reduce any anticipated health complications including stroke, heart diseases or any other medical complications. With a balanced lifestyle, it is easy to control heart rates and hence death caused by heart diseases in diabetic patients.

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