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California Heart & Vascular Clinic Strives to Improve Care to Save More Lives


El Centro, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Every year more than average deaths occur from heart strokes and disease in USA as per the reports given by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. More than half of these deaths occur to younger population and most of these occurred due to preventable heart diseases. Though cardio vascular diseases kill more than hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, the report states that most cardio vascular disease can be easily managed or prevented by taking care of its risk factors.


Men are most likely affected by heart diseases than women and blacks are easily affected than whites. Preventable deaths from heart diseases for people between 65 to 74 are not changed as compared to the people under the age of 65 years. However, it is very challenging to cure for people with ages below 65 years.

Prevention methods

Physicians, nurses and various other healthcare providers should encourage healthy habits like exercises, eating healthy food, healthy lifestyle, maintaining balanced weight, not following any bad habits, taking appropriate medications if needed and increase physical activity to save more lives from the preventable deaths. Providers should follow up on the patient progress using EHR (Electronic Health Records) and guide them accordingly. Besides this, healthy living space, safe walking area and smoke free zones are supported by community health departments and California heartclinic.

California heartclinic has been sincerely taking care of their patients with their excellent facilities, high level of expertise, unique skills, skilled staff and superior equipment in order to provide safe, healthy and clean environment to their patients. To know more about the services provided, you can visit them at

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