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California Homeowners from Upside-Down to Rightside Up - LAST CALL

This could be your last chance to drastically modify your mortgage - and Northern California Attorney Anthony Hughes of Hughes Financial Law can help you get the most out of your distressed property to stop foreclosure, get a loan modification, modify residential and commercial mortgages and debt settlement.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- The year 2013 will be a critical year Californians who own property that is still "underwater" or "upside down". Those terms refer to when a person owes more on the mortgage on a property than the market value of that property.

Many have already solved the problem of owning property that is upside-down by obtaining loan modifications with reductions in the principal balance of the mortgages, or through a judicial process such as Bankruptcy.

But property values are rising. And the more they rise the less likely Californians are going to be able to get drastic discounts on their mortgages. Median values of houses in California are up 20.9 percent from $239,000 in February 2012. February 2013 was the 12th consecutive month in which the state's median sale price rose year-over-year. In March/April/May 2007 the median peaked at $484,000, then it declined to a low of $221,000 in April 2009.

The majority of people who have attempted to modify their mortgages have been unsuccessful in reducing the principal balance of their mortgages. However homeowners and investors who used the services of Attorney C. Anthony Hughes of Hughes Financial Law located in Northern California often receive principal reductions on their mortgages.

Anthony Hughes has been one of the only Attorneys in Northern California who has been able to modify the principal balances of mortgages down on a regular basis. He found a way to blend California State Law and Bankruptcy Law in a synergistic effect. Take a recent case as an example. In March 2013, in a joint attack on the Bank with Attorney Mikalah Liviakis, Attorney Anthony Hughes was able to modify 3 mortgages for one client. This client was facing losing all of her properties because the rental income was not enough to pay all the expenses of the properties. Two of the properties were triplexes. Anthony Hughes and Mikalah Liviakis were able to reduce the principal balances owed on the mortgages and reduce the monthly payments. Now the homeowner is making money from the properties and already has equity in the properties. She will be able to retire in just a few years as a result.

This complete financial makeover is typical, but it is only available in this short period in history. 2013 may be the last year that such successful financial makeovers are available on a widespread scale to most California Homeowners.

Oh ya, and those of you with a 10 million dollar apartment complex… Attorney Anthony Hughes has had as much success in modifying large commercial loans as he has had on small residential mortgages.

Attorney Anthony Hughes can be reached at 916-485-1111,, or and he services clients from San Francisco all the way up to the Oregon California border.