California Law Firms Saving Time Using Sayler Legal Court Services

Sayler Legal Service, Inc., provides full-service legal support, including process serving, on-site digital copying, and court services throughout California. Our affiliates are linked throughout California by daily, overnight courier service to meet all of your legal service needs. Find out how we can save you more time with our reliable legal support team.


Monterey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- Every law firm knows that litigation includes many tasks that must be performed outside the office. For those tasks that do not require the physical presence of the attorney, the firm should choose Sayler Legal Service to be the legs on the ground. Sayler Legal Service offers court services in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties of California. They can file your documents, retrieve copies and conduct your research of case files.

Save even more time using their professional registered and bonded field team for conducting site inspections, field interviews, obtaining digital photos, process serving, on-site digital scanning and other messenger services that your office may require. If your office staff could also use some clerical assistance, Sayler Legal Service can prepare your subpoenas, notice to consumer (if applicable), notice the opposing counsels, and serve and copy your records on the production date. They truly are a top choice for fast and friendly legal services in Monterey County and surrounding areas.

Many have taken the next step by adding Sayler Legal to their team with positive reviews received from a variety of law firms including Polaris Law Group, Granberg Law Office, Vincent P. Hurley and other recognized attorneys. Polaris Law Group praised Sayler Legal for their reliability saying “Our office relies on Sayler Legal for all our legal filing needs, no matter where the case is being filed. We trust them completely and know that once the job is emailed to them, they will take care of it until it is completed and final.” Sayler Legal takes pride in their quality, promptness and accuracy and so can you.

Don Becker from Las Vegas, Nevada, explained how he was able to cut ‘through a bureaucratic haze” in Monterey thanks to one of Sayler’s employees. “He was knowledgeable, efficient, and clearly a credit to your organization. Within hours of my initial contact, he provided me with a credit card payment form and two days later I had my documents. He researched the reason why the Monterey clerk’s office initially could not locate the appropriate file, he sent me the Register of Actions that enabled me to request several additional documents that will be useful.”

Now you can have peace of mind with dependable legal support that's fully licensed, insured, registered and bonded. Whether you are a law firm, local business or individual with specific legal needs, Sayler Legal can help you stay ready, focused and on time. Hire Sayler Legal's professional team to help you meet your goals.

About SaylerLegal
Sayler Legal's corporate office is located in Monterey, California and is central to all points throughout California's coast. Best of all, their affiliations and sister networks can provide legal services nationwide. This allows them to offer the best solution to your specific legal needs. That is why Sayler Legal is quickly becoming the preferred process server and on-site copy service used by lawyers and other local businesses.

To learn more, visit or email to set up an account. You can also call their offices at 831-384-4030 to speak with one of their representatives right away. Sayler Legal is your source for full-service legal support in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties and throughout California.