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California Personal Injury Attorney Frank Nicholas Highlights Dangers of Teens and Texting


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2014 -- According to reliable statistics an incredible 77% of American teens think it is perfectly safe to text and drive. California personal injury attorney Frank Nicholas has recently published research with extensive information on this chilling subject in an effort to raise awareness of its dangers.

Driving is certainly serious business. No matter how safe a driver themselves may strive to be, other people on the road are an x-factor that can be incredibly dangerous. Recent studies have shown many teenagers, may be one of the greatest dangers of them all. This research points to the fact that close to 80% of teens think that they can safely text and drive, despite the fact that the research also points to text messaging while driving increasing the chances of an accident by 23 times. California personal injury attorney Frank Nicholas, seeing this data has been quick to share it on his website's blog in the hopes of educating teens and their families in the dangers that texting and driving presents each and every day.

“Its no surprise so many road accidents involve teenagers when more than 3/4 of teenagers that drive think its fine to text at the same time,” commented Paul Murray, spokesperson from the lawyer's office. “It's something that personal injury attorney's here in California see all the time, and sadly some of these accidents could really be avoided.”

Despite the statistics and attempts to raiseawareness to this important issue, the accidents can and will continue to occur. According to Nicholas, if a person finds themselves involved in an auto accident getting proper representation is key to making sure their interests are best protected. If not, really anything is possible. In California, Nicholas' firm are very well regarded in the field of personal injury and are always ready to discuss an accident and help a potential client determine their best course of action.

Ray Aguilar, from California, recently remarked, “My personal injury case wasn’t going too well, so I hired Frank Nicholas. I’d heard he was an excellent personal injury attorney. Frank and his team got straight on it, and the outcome was better than I was expecting.”

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