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E3 Results Launches New Website

New website helps clients understand the unique approach to call center training


Burnsville, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- E3 Results, a company specializing in call center training and development through the 3-E approach – Evaluate, Enhance, Empower – recently launched a new website to help clients understand the E3 difference. The easy-to-navigate website provides a comprehensive description of the process E3 Results uses to maximize clients’ call center efficiency and results.

On the new website, E3 clients will learn how E3 has successfully improved call center operations through initial Evaluations, Enhanced educational tools and an Empowered call center team. To “Evaluate”, E3 will deploy a senior team member to the client’s call center site to evaluate the operations. To “Enhance” the operations of the call center, the experienced E3 team will deliver a detailed analysis of the findings along with high-level look at opportunities for enhancements and recommendations for the next steps. In the final “Empower” step, E3 will work with the client and their call center team to build a plan and road map to run a successful contact center.

For many of E3’s clients, the call center is the first interaction clients have with the company. This is an important relationship-building opportunity that can produce a life-long customer or lead to lost sales. Maximizing the effectiveness of a call center is in the interest of the organization, but is also in the interest of the customer who will benefit from a reliable vendor. The E3 Results approach helps clients focus on client relations and ensures long term success.

To learn more about this unique approach to call center training, visit E3 Result’s new website at http://www.e3results.com/.

About E3 Results
Over the course of 32 plus years of supporting corporate and government contact center outsourcing needs, the team at E3 Results® heard an ever increasing number of requests for their expertise to help increase efficiency and quality of their clients’ internal call center operations.

Our focus is dedicated to helping internal call center teams improve their operations through a three-step process – Evaluate, Enhance, Empower.