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Callagenix, Ltd. Launches Latest Money-Saving Service for Business Clients

Reliable and affordable telecommunications remain effective tools in customer satisfaction and retention, publishes


Marlow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- According to a recent survey, consumers throughout the United Kingdom and United States chose phone contact over any other outlet for business inquiries; furthermore, this channel ranked in second place for scheduling appointments as well as resolving complaints. For enterprises across the nation and beyond, this means reliable telephone systems remain vital tools in customer satisfaction and retention. In light of these revelations, Tony Jenkins of prominent telecommunications provider, Callagenix, Ltd. has launched the company's latest service for clients.

Jenkins elaborated, "Would-be callers are often skeptical of phone numbers with geographically based prefixes. They tend to fear answering or placing a call to such lines may cost them above-average rates. As our latest provision for business clients, we now offer non-geographical '03' numbers along with our full array of telecommunications services. Numbers with these prefixes can be called from outside the United Kingdom, and they are subject to the same rates as their '01' and '02' counterparts. We offer these numbers as part of both basic and advanced packages."

In the case of basic service plans, "03" numbers essentially disguise geographically specific land lines, yet they are directed to the business' individual line. Numbers may be changed as necessary at no charge to the client with transfers taking place immediately. A comprehensive description of advantages and related charges can be accessed through

Advanced plans entail an array of additional options, one of which is a customisable virtual switchboard setup. Automated directive prompts are included with multiple tiers available. Acting as a call center, this service provides continual customer support as well as voice messaging capability. Call diversion is also furnished, allowing incoming calls to be sent to international mobile phones and landlines alike. Conference calling and mass SMS messaging generate simplified contact with customers and personnel. Details of this package can be found at

Concluded Jenkins, "Whether public service and not-for-profit organisations, charities, government agencies or international retailers, businesses need to be able to rely on their telecommunications systems both internally and externally. We offer an array of choices for clients to tailor their plans to their unique needs. Our extensive line of '03' numbers helps cut costs for businesses and their callers while aiding them in looking more professional. We also offer free setup for our service plans. We encourage anyone interested to contact us via our website or by phone for more information."

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