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Chandler, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Leading niche media and Internet marketing firm Domain Media Corp. announces today that it has launched a new business oriented website focusing on the resources and benefits of working with professional contact center companies at

Contact centers have emerged over the past several years as a large growing global industry that provides highly valued business services focused on managing the various channels of communication with a company’s clients, vendors and partners. Companies that turn to outsourcing contact center services to help manage specific functions within their business range from small businesses to large multi-national corporations. The primary functions and responsibilities these companies provide typically revolve around customer contact services, dealing with customer service related tasks, and managing a multitude of communication channels, such as social media, email, texts, and phone calls.

There are several benefits that come with working with contact centers, the two most prevalent are that a company can operate more efficiently by hiring a professional contact center company which can grow and scale with the company’s needs, and, companies can save a significant amount of time and capital by outsourcing contact center services as it eliminates the need to build the infrastructure to provide these functions as well as hire the personnel and staff to manage it in-house.

Working with a professional contact center services company can help ensure that a company is consistently delivering a positive customer oriented solution that drives business results, provides a solid ROI, and helps build brand awareness. In addition, having these functions professionally managed also helps to gain a competitive advantage with customers, provides a seamless and unified customer experience and reduces overall customer management costs. was launched for business owners, executives and senior management to get in tune with the benefits of working with a professional call contact center, and how it can help them actually save money, be more efficient, and provide additional scalability for the company to grow faster. We also recently published a new YouTube video to help explain these benefits, which can be viewed here:

Chris Kern, president of Domain Media Corp. stated “many business owners are not aware of the major advantages that come with outsourcing contact center services and that they can easily benefit small businesses and large corporations alike. We felt it was important to help businesses realize these benefits and connect with resources that can help jumpstart or accelerate a businesses’ growth, so we launched”

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