Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic Reveals Key to Improving Health

United Physical Therapy presents multiple treatment options to achieve optimal health


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Exercise benefits many suffering from physical injuries or medical conditions, such as arthritis, incontinence, multiple sclerosis, and long term breathing problems. With physical therapy, a person's speed, balance, flexibility and movement often improve. The physical therapist shows the patient ways to improve his or her fitness and wellness, in an effort to improve their good health and long life.

"Visit the West Edmonton Physical Therapy clinic to receive these benefits and many more. With physical therapy, respiratory and cardiovascular endurance improve, strength boosts, and mobility increases. To achieve this goal, a therapist evaluates the patient to determine his or her functional skills to improve their ability to live a satisfying and productive life," Gary Nelson, spokesperson for United Physical Therapy, declares.

All therapists at the clinic undergo training and obtain a license to practice through the Physiotherapy Alberta College and Association. In addition to assessing clients, the therapists diagnose and help treat the dysfunction which led to the visit. The therapists provide education to help patients fully understand their condition and the treatment plan, which is developed using patient and therapist goals.

"To prevent future injuries, the therapist advises the patient on proper maintenance exercises and strategies. In addition to physical therapy, some patients benefit from treatment through the West Edmonton Massage Clinic, and therapists often incorporate this into the overall treatment plan," Nelson explains.

As with the physical therapy, patients receive treatment by licensed massage therapists, ones who have undergone training in therapeutic and sports massage to treat soft tissue dysfunctions. Some treatment plans also incorporate dry needling, acupuncture, and IMS as patients have different needs.

"Contact Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic today to make an appointment. All United Physical Therapy locations, including the one at Callingwood, strive to meet the needs of patients while providing the highest quality of care. All clinics offer direct billing to assist clients as United Physical Therapy recognizes patients need to focus on regaining their health, not on how they will pay for their care," Nelson states.

About Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic
Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic, a proud member of the West Edmonton community for more than 25 years, offers a full range of physical therapy services, along with massage therapy, IMS, dry needling and acupuncture. Gary and Denise Nelson, the owners and operators of the facility since 2002, employ caring, experienced staff and have successfully treated more than 15,000 clients during this time period. Exercise therapists undergo training to enable them to set up custom exercise plans for each client, making use of the well-equipped gym facility as outstanding care is the goal for every patient.