Calluses Have the Potential to Be Problematic Rather Than Protective for Diabetic Feet


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2016 -- While calluses are thought to be generally protective for the body, there are certain circumstances and conditions that make them more harmful rather than beneficial to people.

Calluses have the potential to be rather problematic instead of protective to diabetic feet. In individuals with peripheral neuropathy and diabetes, calluses may be covering up or hiding a much deeper wound or ulceration.

A callus pertains to thickened layers of the skin, and is typically caused by friction and pressure. It is also common among individuals with diabetic foot ulcers. It doesn't just prevent healing but also produces pressure in the feet, especially among those who wear shoes or ill-fitting footwear.

It can also create improper gait in the foot affected by neuropathic diabetes. Once it is neglected and allowed to thicken or harden, it can cause pressure necrosis as well as ulceration of the underlying tissues. Unfortunately, diabetic foot ulcers can increase one's risk to amputation.

In the United States, 60 percent of lower extremity amputations happen to individuals with diabetes, and are preceded by a foot ulcer by 85 percent.

Calluses can cover a developing ulcer and this is why it is imperative that this problem is managed properly. Individuals who suffer from calluses on pressure points may need regular treatment as well as a careful follow-up to prevent ulceration.

In an ideal setting, calluses should only be removed with the help of podiatrists. This is especially true to individuals with diabetes. Podiatrists are well-trained to use the techniques appropriate to safely and effectively deal with calluses.

Removal of calluses is essential especially that they have the potential to worsen or hide inflammation underneath the skin, which is one of the early signs of diabetic foot ulcer. Individuals with diabetes should resort to measures that could significantly reduce their risk of the complications associated with calluses.

Calluses can happen to anyone at any time. It is usually not a cause of alarm but when they cause pain, it only means they need to be removed. Many women go to salons to have a wonderful foot pampering experience while their callus is being removed.

There are also those who use remedies to soften and gradually remove their calluses right at their very own home. Products such as the electric callus remover from Naressa are extremely popular nowadays.

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