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Calorique Offers the Latest in Energy Efficient Radiant Heating to Meet the Challenge of a Renewable Future

Radiant heating film from Calorique find a wide range of heating applications across Europe.


Dueren, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Calorique is increasingly being recognized as a leader in the area of energy efficient and low cost heating. The company developed a radiant heating film that can be used in any home for electric underfloor heating or radiant ceiling heating. Calorique began as a custom print shop that utilized the latest technology to deliver services to its clients, but it was after the discovery of their radiant heating film that the firm took on a leadership role in the area of renewable energy. With governments mandating more energy efficient systems and home owners required to meet new energy standards, Calorique is set to become and even bigger player.

Calorique’s radiant heating film is marketed under the brand name IQFlexHeat and it relies on a patented radiant carbon-heating element to provide efficient and low coast heating to users. The film allows users to heat their homes through radiant heating. Radiant heating relies on the process of light leaving a surface of an object and traveling to the surface of other, cooler objects. Radiant heating requires nothing between the two objects and the light is only converted to heat energy when it comes into contact with the second object.

A Calorique spokesperson talked at length about the film and stressed that customers not only receive a superior heating product, but the company stands by the product after the sale to offer complete installation advice and instruction. According to this spokesperson, “Our goal is to give customers a kit of material necessary to build a heating system including a heating foil, installation material and a thermostat. The system can be an underfloor heating or a radiant ceiling heating system. In every case, we provide detailed information for installation. We have helped several thousand customers in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Netherland, England, Italy, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Finland, Norway, Greece, Croatia, Poland and many other European countries achieve a new level of energy efficiency and savings and we are ready to help millions more.”

The main benefit of the Calorique radiant heating system is the energy savings home owners experience, but users also experience a more comfortable environment inside their homes and radiant heating is more reliable than other heating systems. The Calorique film works with nearly all floor coverings including laminate and is used in both residential and commercial spaces. The film is effective in both new and old spaces and in large and small areas. Calorique engineers recently installed their film in a 300 sq. m. church in Kassel Germany to provide a superior heating option that brought efficiency and savings to the church.

More information is available at the Calorique website by visiting or by calling +4924213072089 to speak with a company representative.

Calorique ( began operation in 1980 as a technologically advanced custom printing firm. The company began to focus on the alternative renewal industry after they developed a flexible radiant heating film that maximizes the conductive properties of carbon and offers a superior, energy-efficient, low cost alternative for heating.