CAM-Source Announces Launch of 3D Printer Crowdsourcing Campaign

Indiegogo push will fund development of affordable commercial-grade 3D printing technology


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- CAM-Source, the industry’s hottest new name in 3D printing technology, announced today the launch of an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. The campaign’s goal is to offer professional-grade 3D printing capabilities at affordable prices to digital artists, creative inventors, and innovative gadget-builders.

“Our goal is to use our years of experience in various CAD/CAM technologies to open up new opportunities for all inventors, creative designers and digital artists, while removing the financial burdens,” says Sean Kilmer, Project Organizer and Owner of CAM-Source.

In the current consumer market there are small desktop PLA filament 3D printers available. This is where the media has begun to confuse consumers of all types with regard to 3D printing in general.

The problems that lie within these small desktop systems are their limited parts build sizes, the lack of fine details in their prints, the durability of their PLA materials which are very fragile. They also lack material options beyond 1-3 materials, whereas a professional-grade 3D printer in which CAM-Source will provide to artists will have the capabilities of well over 100 material options and dozens of colors, including clear.

“Not all 3D printers, nor their technologies and materials, are created equally,” added Kilmer.

Centralized Manufacturing
Due to the equipment size and cost restraints of professional grade 3D printing systems, as well as expiration dates of the various materials that would need to be on-hand in inventory, the best approach is centralized manufacturing. Not every artist, creative thinker or digital designer necessarily has the Space, Money, or CAM Experience needed to be successful and cost-effective.

Space is important because the size of even one professional 3D printer and the necessary auxiliary equipment would take up the same space as a small car. These large professional grade 3D printers also require dedicated industrial-grade electrical lines, which are not readily available.

Money is a consideration as well because the costs involved in buying such a high caliber of commercial-grade 3D printing systems exceeds a starting base of $120,000 and well beyond, depending on the build tray sizes and enhanced capabilities. There are also the costs involved with inventorying the plethora of varying materials, which also have expiration dates.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) experience isn't always necessary to run consumer-grade 3D printers, but when utilizing the most advanced 3D printers available that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, one should expect to have well-trained and experienced operators at the controls.

Benefits For Everyday Digital Artists
With these potential barriers to entry in mind, here is how CAM-Source benefits our target audience of everyday users:
- Anyone with a computer and simple CAD software can make their own digital creations and send in their CAD files for production
- No need trying to justify buying a consumer grade 3D printer when users can utilize CAM-Source as their own highly equipped 3D print facility
- Ability to achieve the highest print resolutions available (layer thicknesses of only .0006in) 1,600DPI
- Varying material types and colors (ranging from rigid opaque, rubber-like, high temp, bio-compatible, polypropylene-like, rigid transparent VeroClear and more!)
- Not worrying about the costs involved to inventory the various types of materials to have on hand or their expiration dates
- Not worrying about costs associated with maintenance or repairs of the equipment
- No minimum part runs. Requesting one-off part runs or multiple part runs are normal functions.
- Quick & Easy method of getting files to CAM-Source for advanced manufacturing via a web interface built into the CAM-Source website
- Digital manufacturing of CAD files from the CAM-Source team of experienced CAM professionals, delivered right to the customer’s door

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of $192,000 is currently active and runs through June 4, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at: