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CAM Technologies, Inc. Introduces Innovations to Improve Compressed Air Automation for Manufacturing Plants


Bel Air, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- This week compressed air pioneers and innovators CAM Technologies, Inc are offering new designs that are building interest among general managers of manufacturing plants who want impressive energy savings.

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CAM Technologies is a leading industrial controls company that specializes in delivering compressed air automation products and services. Today they focus on compressed air driven automation that delivers remarkable energy savings for manufacturing.

Electricity is the major expense in most manufacturing facilities. Over a decade the cost of electricity can amount to 75% of the total budget, far higher than what is spent on equipment and maintenance.

"Every manufacturing plant manager knows this. That is why so many firms are coming to us for smarter compressed air automation that cuts back on the need for electricity," said Chris Wagner, owner of CAM Technologies, Inc.

Saving just 4 horsepower in the automation chain is equivalent to replacing 100 industrial lighting fixtures. Compressed air is seen as a much cheaper and greener option for powering everything from manufacturing to residential homes.

Wagner is a pioneer in the compressed air industry. He is widely known and respected in the United States and worldwide, and holds two patents. The CAM Technologies, Inc. customer list is a Who's Who of major industry brands including Whirlpool, Clorox, Harley-Davidson, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Stanley Tools, Solo Cups, Trane, Toyota, Pepsi, Hershey, and Johnson Controls to name a few.

The performance of a typical compressed air system can be improved by 20% to 50% through system optimization solutions offered by CAM Technologies.

"Often companies buy equipment based on the lowest purchase price and don't consider how much energy that equipment will consume. Our advanced compressed air technologies will save them more money in the long run due to much higher energy efficiency," Wagner said.

CAM Technologies, Inc.
Chris Wagner, CEO
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