Camden-Grey Promotes Use of Organic Soap for Better Health


Doral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Camden-Grey, which provides plant-derived raw materials for shampoo, soap and other cosmetics products, advocates the benefits of organic raw materials in soap for betterment of health.

Human skin layer is an essential part of body and taking care of it is most important for healthy living. Camden-Grey has found organic soap to be an incredible selection in maintaining youthful skin and general health while providing benefits for the environment.

Camden-Grey offers natural oils, organic soap making supplies and many other products for homemade soaps. A variety of different types of natural essential oils are also available. As an established firm with experience and expertise in organic soap making, Camden-Grey has been spreading awareness about the benefits of natural soap.

As part of its efforts, Camden-Grey explains that the human skin is highly absorbent and anything applied to the skin will ultimately enter the body. Normally commercial soaps are made from chemicals such as sodium sulfate and many other toxics as ingredients. These toxins can accumulate in the body over a period of time and cause health issues like allergies. Many of the chemicals used in commercial soaps are also linked with dangerous diseases like cancer when present in the body in high concentrations. Organic soaps at Camden-Grey are manufactured with natural components and natural oils, which are not harmful for the skin and do not cause allergies. When the skin comes in contact with organic soap, it absorbs natural things rather than chemicals and other toxic products.

With Camden-Grey’s initiative, more and more people are opting for organic soaps that reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals they apply on their bodies as the soaps are made using natural ingredients. These soaps are very mild and gentle and are the best options for newborn babies and people with sensitive skin. The use of organic soap is not only beneficial for the health but buying organic soap and its ingredients are also good for the environment as well. The chemicals in commercial soaps reach rivers and lakes via drains and sewers and harm the ecosystem. With the abundant options at, people are able to choose a healthier and greener lifestyle.

About Camden-Grey
Camden-Grey was formed in 1998 and provides wide range of options in natural oils and soap making supplies. Encouraging the usage of homemade all-natural soaps, the company maintains a selection of essential oils for organic soaps on their website Camden-Grey also offers a wide variety of handmade organic soaps.