Camera Cars Unlimited

Camera Cars Unlimited Now Offers a Full Line of Rental Cars

Camera Car Rental Company Proud To Be at the Forefront


Agoura Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Camera Cars Unlimited, a camera car rental company based in the Los Angeles area, is pleased to announce that it is competitive with leaders in the camera car rental industry. The company offers a full line-up of camera cars at unparalleled prices.

To make any kind of fast-paced action movie, it’s extremely helpful to have a mounted camera that can follow the action closely. Instead of using a standard setup for shooting films, directors and cinematographers often opt for camera cars that can pan or track alongside the scenes as they take place—particularly for car chase scenes.

Among the many different kinds of camera cars are tow dollies, the process trailer, the motorcycle tow, crane ready camera cars, and many more. All kinds of Hollywood and creative film directors and producers look to Camera Cars Unlimited for the kind of equipment they need to make a lively and exciting scene for their film projects.

In addition to the highest quality mounted camera rentals available, Camera Cars Unlimited is also proud to have a range of successful professional drivers with some of the very finest credits in film. These drivers can help make sure that the customer’s rented camera cars are utilized with safety and accuracy. A spokesperson for the company said, "As industry-leading professionals, you can count on us for superior service, value and quality, every step of the way.”

About Camera Cars Unlimited
Camera Cars Unlimited has offered its top-notch products and experience to a huge range of film productions for many years. They have a wide selection of camera car equipment that can meet the needs of any client, from tow dollies to camera cars, and everything in between. What makes them unique is their total commitment to helping clients realize their creative vision for the project. Camera Cars Unlimited knows that their place is to help clients capture the film they have been imagining in their heads—and, thankfully, the company has been helping clients do just that with their one-of-a-kind camera cars and driving services.