CamerasDirect Offers Great Service, Best Prices and an International Warranty on Their Extensive Range of Camera Lenses


Gold Cost, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- CamerasDirect, one of the leading retailers of camera lens and camera equipment, offers the selected range of the most popular digital cameras lenses at very low prices. With a kit, a customer already has a basic lens that takes pretty good pictures. However, part of the attraction of this type of camera is that one can switch out camera lenses to get the best shot in any situation. From powerful zooms that get up close to high-speed lenses that specialize in low-light settings, there are plenty of options for the second camera lens.

Camera lenses come in either fixed focal lengths like in prime lenses, or zooms, which cover a range of focal lengths. The different focal lengths are grouped into categories for different types of lenses. A standard camera lens has a focal length range of 35-70mm. The most common standard lens is a fixed 50mm lens. Standard camera lenses are most commonly used for documentary and street photography, where photographers need to move quickly and capture an interesting point of action. The focal range between 80-135mm is nearly always used by portrait photographers. Fixed camera lenses at these lengths produce ideal framing for head and shoulders shots. These are specialist lenses, but can be reasonably priced.

Any camera lens with a focal length of between 135mm and 300mm is a true telephoto lens. Manufacturers make a huge range of lenses in this range at an equally large range of prices. The better the camera lens, the better it can capture the fine details. In most cases, the optical quality of digital camera lenses goes hand in hand with the price of the camera and the resolution of the sensor. At higher price levels, camera lenses have better-quality optics, which are necessary to keep up with the details of capturing capabilities of higher megapixel image sensors. Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has grown from the demand for better priced digital camera gear. is one of the first Australian importers to stock digital camera gear in Australia and support their customers with a local warranty since 2002. CamerasDirect offers the best online shopping experience for Australian photographers. There carefully selected range of the most popular digital cameras lenses at very low prices is complimented with all the accessories and add-ons for every level of photographer. To learn more visit