CamerasDirect Offers SLR Digital Cameras Ideal for Professionals and Amateur Photographers


Gold Cost, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2012 -- CamerasDirect offers SLR Digital cameras ideal for both professionals and amateur photographers. SLR Digital cameras have interchangeable lenses and are known for capturing superior quality images. They come with many advanced features like megapixels, zoom, memory cards, batteries, comfort and more. One of the great appeals of SLR digital cameras is the ability to shoot in raw format with more

The SLR digital cameras are versatile and allow users to enjoy the freedom of taking photographs. Here are the prominent features one must look into to get a more clear idea of what the entire user can enjoy by upgrading camera to SLR digital cameras. The first is the image quality. Due to the presence of large image sensors the result of the print is of very good quality. Next is the facility of interchangeable lens which helps a SLR digital camera to work with same efficiency in different situations. When the question is of start-up and focusing SLR digital cameras are pretty fast. The camera offers a wide range of ISO settings which makes it flexible.

Buying a SLR digital camera would pay in present and future as well as the lenses of this camera are compatible with other camera bodies, if one chooses to upgrade in future. Almost all SLR digital cameras that are more than a point and shoot digital camera allow setting some manual settings. Doing this allows to set the aperture and the shutter speed independently of each other. The advantage of this is that the user can adjust the manual settings to fit the situation of shooting for optimum outcome .The camera offers both the auto mode and the manual mode and is more sizeable. It has an efficient digital viewfinder for action photography and low light conditions. The SLR digital camera has a larger focal length which gives depth of field effects. The latest SLR digital cameras also offer anti shake and dust protection facilities. Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has grown from the demand for better priced camera gear. is one of the first Australian importers to stock camera gear in Australia and support their customers with a local warranty since 2002. CamerasDirect offers the best online shopping experience for Australian photographers. Their carefully selected range of the most popular digital SLR cameras at very low prices is complimented with all the accessories and add-ons for every level of photographer. To learn more visit