CamerasDirect Offers SLR Lenses to Suit Requisite of Every Kind of Photography Styles


Gold Cost, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- CameraDirect are not only leaders in the supply and sale of Digital Cameras, but they have an extensive range of SLR lenses available as well from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Whether a telephoto lens, a macro lens or a wide angle lens fits the bill then look no more, CamerasDirect have all the options to get started. Understanding what these different groups of SLR lenses can do will help to make more informed decisions on what SLR lenses to purchase and what to put in the camera bag.

While it is important to choose good quality SLR lens, for beginners it isn’t as important as good composition. It is not necessary that one can only take a great picture with an expensive top-of-the-line SLR lens. A badly composed picture won’t look great with a great SLR lens. That doesn't mean discounting the importance of a good quality lens. A good rule is to only add a lens to the collection only when there is a specific need for a particular SLR lens. When shopping for a Digital SLR Camera people often overlook or skimp on the SLR lenses. Camera Lenses serve as the digital SLR camera’s eye, the lens determines what and how the camera will see the subject and how well that view is transmitted to the camera’s sensor chip for recording.

A standard SLR lens is designed to produce an image circle to closely cover the designated camera's sensor. It will also keep subjects in suitable perspective and proportion with little to no distortion. Normal SLR Lenses try to mimic how the human eye sees and are some of the most versatile lenses. These are all purpose SLR lenses, and are somewhere between a wide angle and a telephoto lenses. If you buy just one lens try and buy the fastest normal lenses you can like a 50mm 1.4f lenses. Some examples of normal lenses are 35mm; 50mm, 65mm and some consider an 80mm a normal SLR lens. Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has grown from the demand for better priced camera gear. is one of the first Australian importers to stock camera gear in Australia and support their customers with a local warranty since 2002.There carefully selected range of the most popular SLR Lenses at very low prices is complimented with all the accessories and add-ons for every level of photographer. To learn more visit