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CamomileQ Has Introduced the Brand New Emotional Quotient Concept


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Relationships between people always involve a certain degree of psychological knowledge and emotions. Millions of people across the globe face situations, when the social awareness and emotional management enhance their lives or, on the contrary, affect their relationships with their loved ones in a negative way. Realizing the importance of the adequate emotional management and strengthening the relationships between people, the Camomile Quotient team has recently introduced the brand new EQ (not IQ!) concept that can help people interact with their loved ones more successfully.

CamomileQ is a team of leading accredited psychologists, who have friendly relationships and the same goal – to help people become happy by using the practical and enjoyable sides of psychology. With this purpose, they have developed special entertaining emotional quotient (EQ) games meant to help users successfully live through the life situations they have faced. The main idea of these games is to transform the compilated science into enthralling real life games. They teach everyone how psychology can inspire and motivate people to change their lives and succeed in everything they do every day.

CamomileQ is ready to unveil the secrets of the EQ management. This is what they tell about the concept itself: "EQ determines our success in life. According to the reports of scientists, between 60% and 80% of this success is attributed to EQ. This means that our relationships with partners, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are highly-dependent on our emotional intelligence. The apps we offer you here, at this resource, can increase the EQ over the lifetime by practicing simple and enjoyable techniques. Think of it as EQ-fitness."

Currently, the Camomile Quotient team offers three online apps, namely "Hello Next! Forget Your Ex!", "Happily Ever After" and "Secret CEO". The games help make the EQ training process successful, pleasant, comfortable and entertaining. As a result, the quality of life may be notably improved. The CamomileQ experts believe that it is impossible to change human behavior without realizing the true feelings and emotions people have. That is why they are sure that the applications they have developed may help build social awareness, which is a key to relationship management.

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About CamomileQ
CamomileQ is a team of certified psychologists, who intend to make the relationships between people easier and happier. With this purpose, they have developed the online project, the basic goal of which is to enhance the quality of their users' lives by means of improving their relationships with their loved ones. To reach this goal, the developers of the project have created special psychology-associated applications to help people live through the life situations that have experienced. Currently, the website offers three applications, namely "Happily Ever After", "Hello Next! Forget Your Ex!" and "Secret CEO".

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