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Campaign Launched by 24/7 Junk My Car to Offer Consumers Cash for Past-Prime Vehicles

Company Pays Cash For Junk Vehicles To Rid Customers Of Environmental Hazards


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- The highly popular Cash for Clunkers program of 2009 led to an unheard of wave of junk cars flowing through scrap yards nationwide, flooding the scrap metal market like never before. Though the program was short lived, the need for disposal of broken down vehicles is still in full force as statistics from the automotive industry indicate more than 12 million automobiles reach junk status in the United States each year. With this in mind, the staff of 24/7 Junk My Car has launched a campaign to continue offering the public cash for vehicles that have passed their prime.

P. Flesner of 24/7 Junk My Car explained, "Scrap metal and salvage yards were around long before Cash for Clunkers turned the spotlight on them, and they will probably continue to exist as long as there is a need for vehicles and recycling. We buy broken cars whether they are damaged in an accident, would cost more to fix than they're worth or are simply beyond repair. Those with unwanted vehicles can simply call or email us for a quote. If they're happy with the price we give them, we'll schedule a pick up time and bring them a check."

According to trends in the salvage industry, some vehicles are certainly worth more than others. Those currently only a rusted out shell of their former glory will be worth their weight based on the price of scrap metal at the time of the quote. The price will be lower following a large infusion of scrap metal to the market whereas vehicles gain value when metal becomes scarce. Customers unhappy with an offer may want to wait a few weeks, and request a second quote.

Vehicles in decent shape are often priced differently. If the vehicle still has a great deal to offer in the way of usable parts, owners may be offered salvage value. Used parts for popular vehicles are generally in high demand; therefore, cars and trucks with working drive trains and undamaged body parts may be worth more money. Such parts can be salvaged and resold to those in need of parts, bringing in more money from the automobile than scrap value alone.

Numerous factors determine the value of a vehicle. As is the case with the metal market itself, demand for certain vehicle parts also fluctuates. Age, manufacturer, model, condition, added features, types of wheels, catalytic converter and the current metal market can all play a role in how much cash the owner is offered at any given time. Some consumers state any offer is worth ridding themselves of an unsightly vehicle taking up space and leaking fluids onto their lawn.

Concluded Flesner, "We pay cash for your junk car regardless of its condition, and we offer free towing for junk cars. We help our customers by getting rid of their eyesore vehicles and giving them extra money for something they no longer want. The process helps us, our customers, the metal industry and the environment."

About 24/7 Junk My Car
A veteran owned and family operated company, 24/7 Junk My Car provides cash in exchange for unwanted vehicles. They offer same day service and free towing to their customers in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.