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Camping Orientation 101: How to Enjoy the First Step in Pacific Palisades Summer Camp

Before everyone enjoys the thrills and frills of pacific palisades summer camp, it is important for all campers to enjoy even the first step of any camping experience: the orientation stage.


Pacific Palisades, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- At Fitness By The Sea, they believe in kids and understand their level of energy. They have gone to great lengths to design an incredible place where kids can develop new relationships and experience personal growth while they’re having a blast. But before everyone enjoys the thrills and frills of pacific palisades summer camp, it is important for all campers to enjoy even the first step of any camping experience: the orientation stage.

Jotting Down Notes Has Never Been as Fun as This!

During the orientation stage, all campers will be bombarded with literally everything: from the schedules, camp traditions, camping songs, health and nutrition, camp activities, behavior management, etc. Jotting down notes and making sure that everything that is needed and the camping rules are being noted would surely make the camping experience more fun, fun, fun!

Be Mr. and Ms. Congeniality

The orientation phase is the very first opportunity for these kiddo campers to make friends with basically everyone on the team. Enjoy every moment of it: during meal breaks, during discussions, and practically every activity there is. The friendship one gains during the orientation would go a long way even after camping.

The Orientation is the Perfect Time to Ask Questions

One thing that most campers realize after camping is that they fail to ask questions that should be asked during the orientation phase. Ask a lot of questions..even the most silly ones..if those would help in making sure that every camping rule is being followed. Ask those who have experiences in camping. Ask even the newbies. Never be afraid to raise questions that would make the camping experience more enjoyable!

Doze Off Whenever There is an Opportunity

No camper would want to look bad and exhausted on their first day of camping. All the thrill and excitement are there, especially when campers see the other campers arriving. But make to get a good sleep a day before the actual camping to gain a lot of energy for the camping activities.

Plan Ahead

Starting day one of camping, everyone would feel that the days pass by so quickly. A lot of things happen, a lot of activities are being done. The orientation phase is the perfect time to plan ahead. When one goes on a camping spree, a compilation of camp activities would surely help. Planning does not only help in making sure that a camper would be able to do everything that is being planned weeks or months before the camping. It would surely make the camping experience absolutely memorable.

Last Minute Shopping Does Not Hurt

One notable experience campers can attest to is that no matter how prepared they are days before the camping proper, they still tend to miss on some important camping must-haves. The orientation is the perfect time to do those last minute shopping. It is better to come fully-prepared. But in case an excited camper overlooks some camping items, at least, he has the orientation day to go get those stuff.

Embrace Whatever Weather There Is!

As most camping events happen during the first weeks of June, the weather, especially on the East Cost states, sometimes tend to be a bit disoriented. Campers sometimes come in summer clothes only to find out that they are in need of hoodies and jackets for the cooler spell. Just prepare for whatever weather there would be. Bring something that would match all possible weather there would be in the camping site.

Wander the Place and Experience the Wonders of the Camping Site

Usually, camp organizers give free time to campers during the orientation. Take this opportunity to seek for an adventure. Wander the place and find out what makes the camping site exceptional. This is also another cool way of getting one’s self familiar with the camping site that will be useful for the next few days of camping activities.

Camping is All About Fun! Fun! Fun!

The orientation day is the advent of the camping fun! Make the most out of this first day. Remember that the next camping experience opportunity would be after a year so make fun, fun, fun!

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