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Moletai, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Chalets are a type of small wooden building native to the Alpine region in Europe. Most of these chalets are made with heavy woods comprising gently sloping roofs with well supported eaves at right angles. For people who are in hospitality business, ordering chalets has become easy and convenient with campingchalets.fr.

Basically chalets are widely used in alpine regions to accommodate tourists. Alpine region is famous for skiing and other snow games. Tourist to the Alpine region would love to spend their vacation in style by playing various snow games. They love to stay at warm chalets made with fine quality hard wood. Chalets are of different types and sizes made according to the requirements. Earlier, chalets were used as seasonal farms for dairy cattle. But with the advent of alpine travel business, chalets were altered into holiday houses used for tourist. Entire alpine region is occupied with number of such chalets to accommodate ski and hiking enthusiasts. Today chalets are found across the globe with certain changes and alterations from the original model.

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